Thursday, 16 December 2010


Oh dear, my week just keeps rolling on, I had to post to let you all know of my latest misdemeanour. Some of you may remember many moons ago I kick my credit cards into touch, it was about May 2009 and I had letters telling me I would now have to pay 40% interest, at that point I said enough is enough and had a bit of a tussle with them but ended up with 0% interest and a shot credit record!! Fast forward to a month ago and I had a voucher from Next for £10 off if I spent £20 with free delivery code, great one hat and scarf set and a cupcake mug, done deal. If ever you have had the occasion to use the Next website its a bit of an internet minefield,  I just couldn't work out where to put the wretched delivery code and ended up with free delivery if you bought their catalogue (didn't want a catalogue), during proceedings I ended up on the confirm order page but as I was still trying to edit my delivery address (they don't deliver to a works address), my delivery code etc I didn't complete or pay, so I thought. An email then pinged into my in box saying thank you for your order !!!????? How, why and who was paying??? Going back to the Next account I discovered they had opened me an account with £150 credit limit..............what a surprise that was, I can tell you. All is hunky dory at this point, all I had to do was wait for Next to add the items to my wait and wait, you can't pay till you get a statement, you see. Oh well in the intervening time I then ordered a game, statement came through and yesterday I paid for the mug etc and planned to pay for the game next week. All is fine at this point, are you still following, it gets good!!!! While we were in Nottingham daughter saw a lovely cardi she liked so I thought I would be a lovely mummy and get her it as a surprise, order complete, email received. Then................................I just happened to notice credit limit ZERO............doh!!! whats going on 'ere then, a very confused middle aged woman looked at the screen in total confusion, never mind order went through, so it must be  glitch............................yeah right NOT!!!!
At lunch time I thought better ring them just to see what was happening and here is the conversation that ensued
I said........I hope you can help me I am a little confused, my available credit seems to have disappeared...
Next said.....I'll just check for you Madam.... (nice tone)......Yes your available balance has been withdrawn....
I said.......Why??? (very confused tone)
Next said......We regularly check our customers and have decided that on this occasion we would withdraw your facilities............(snotty tone)
I said..........Why??? (now feeling like an idiot)
Next said......We credit score our customers every month and OBVIOUSLY you have failed.......(very accusing tone)
I said.......So let get this right, last month I was ok and now I am not........(flabbergasted tone)
Next said.............Well something must have happened to your score, we check it every month, we are responsible lenders..........(clever tone) 
I said..............I can assure you that it hasn't ............(slightly peeved tone)........ So last month I had £150 to spend with you and now I have nothing.......(annoyed tone)
Next said...........Yes Madam......(you are being difficult tone)
I said............You call that being responsible, I could have spent upto my limit a week ago and you could have done nothing about it. I think it is me that is being responsible by NOT spending up to my limit, don't you (really angry tone now)
Next said..........Well there must be a reason why you have a low score MADAM...........Do you have an order pending........(there's that clever tone again)...................Ah yes you have we tried to ring you as soon as you placed the order and you did not answer................(really snotty)
I said..........I don't think so.........(indignant tone)
Next said..............Yes we rang you at 10am
I said.............So you didn't ring me at 7am when I placed the order then, didn't think you did .....(my turn for the clever tone)
Next said..........Well Madam can always wait till next month and she if her score improves, if you are not happy you can pay your balance and close the account.............(we don't want you tone)
At that point I finished my call and told them I would think about it. So I now feel like a bank robber and am contemplating packing my suitcase and heading for the Costa Del Sol!!!!
If its gonna happen, it will happen to me......................didn't want the flippin account in the first place!!!!


Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Going with the flow

Gosh what a week and a bit, I have had, I can't begin to tell you. I know it may appear that I have a very chaotic, sometimes traumatic life but these past few days have seen me go from the depths of despair to complete euphoria and back crashing to earth again.
To explain the despair and euphoria would be very difficult................well lets just say blogs have ears and it would really cause havoc to explain, some of you are facebook friends and hopefully you will understand why it would be bad for me to go into details here. In my life I have met some very beautiful people and also some very evil ones, the latter I seem to attract in abundance..................why I will never know but I am an easy going person who just likes to be liked, maybe that is why people think they can do anything to me and I will just roll over and take their rubbish. I am normally an out going person, yet when I get hurt I shrink into myself and the melancholy me comes to the it was with great anticipation and delight that I headed off to Brighton for the British Bear Artist Awards. We had a bit of a car full with hubby, daughter and Chloe of Je Suis Lugly. Boy was it a great day out, at the new venue of Brighton Racecourse, hubby was on best behaviour, bless him. Well until the awards had finished and he said "come on lets go" !!!!!!!! ER NOOOOOO! what ensued then was a hissed domestic, I could have strangled him, everyone must have thought I was upset about not winning an award, so if you hear anyone say I was looking po-faced or was directed at hubby NOT the lack of prize LOLOLOLOL Men!!!!!!
The bears were superb, how they managed to judge the awards I will never know, I have to say a huge congrats to Richard who won the newcomers award, to Marilyn for the Teddy Bear Times award, Sue Quinn and to our passenger Chloe for coming 3rd in her category.
It was so nice to meet artists with whom I have an internet friendship but have yet to meet up with and those that I know already, Marilyn (Barling Bears) is a darling, she is the nicest person you would wish to meet and she is every bit as sweet as her bears.I also met Dawn (The Old Post Office Bears) I have admired her bears since I first saw them on ebay and they do not disappoint in the fur, well done to her too for her awards, she said the most kindest think to me about my bears, it really lifted my spirits after such a shocking week. I was able to catch up with  Sue Quinn...............what a truly fabulous lady and oh I am so going to buy one of her bears ...........................oh oh and I want a Bisson Bear too. (sucks thumb whilst pouting)
The busyness didn't stop there as we had to travel to QMC at Nottingham the following day, gee was I tired last night, did a bit of retail shopping..............well I didn't (I am broke, again, spend my life being broke LOL) but daughter got a very nice handbag from River Island.................another one, she tells me that one can never have enough handbags, um thats me a fashion pariah then.
Finally I have listed my BBAA Nominee's on ebay, they deserve to be loved instead of sitting on my stuffy shelves, I know they weren't stars on the day but they are stars to me 
If you have a chance take a peak and a punt...............................................
Tallulah dragonfly
and Caledonia Brae

Beary hugs for now
Sue xx

Friday, 3 December 2010

Community spirit, Ruby and Amethyst

Well its been a week, of snow, snow and more in the scheme of things, to be honest, we have not had the likes of Yorkshire or Scotland BUT we have had enough to halt proceedings. I am sure as you get older you become more aware of the dangers and more scared of what will happen. Twice I have had to drive in extreme snow, not just a few inches but serious getting stuck stuff, I would not have done this except for getting to my daughter, to make sure she was safe, was my priority.
I was watching the news the other night and was struck by the fact there are still a good community spirit out there. Years ago we lived in a tiny hamlet and I have to say our neighbours were great, we all got snowed in badly one Christmas and the two local farmer took turns in their tractors fetching supplies, my husband worked for one of them and they would go and get a shopping list from every house, regardless of who they were or how grumpy they had been in the year over mud on the road etc....................anyway back to those news reports, midwives getting lifts on tractors, a lady taking shopping to an elderly lady, an gentleman clearing paths, two young kids digging an old man's car out...........the list goes on. I felt really sad when the reports finished, in fact quite tearful. Why.........................I had forgotten how lovely it was to be part of a community, all be it, a very small one. Where we live now, we are all in our own isolated little worlds, so near yet so far. You never realise how good something is until its gone.
Not being able to get out without risking life and limb has meant my cupboards are now bare, empty....................starvation is knocking on my door!!!!!!.  I no longer have those neighbours that check if you need anything. All was nearly lost tonight I had a last few sausages in the freezer and had planned pasta with sausages in pasta sauce. I opened the sauce and it was rank, still in date but air had got panic set in till I found a tin of potatoes and some rice. We will have to attempt to get out tomorrow, we literally have nothing left to eat. Luckily hubby will be driving.
As for the week itself, apart from the usual guilt on not being at work, I have had a very very good beary week..................I have sewn 4 bears and finished 2 of them. They are Ruby and Amethyst.........
This is Amethst, she is now on my website
 and this is Ruby, on the same page
I have also found time to add Page to Ebay
I have added a new page to my blog.................Available Bears and worked out how to add a shopping cart. It will take me awhile to add my bears but don't forget to keep an eye out for additions. I have given my website a well needed update.......................I have also realised that it takes as much time to market ones bears as it does to make them!!!! I really need to win the lottery, pay the mortgage off and live this life all the time but with milk, potatoes, bread.......etc LOLOLOL
Beary Hugs for now
Sue xxxxx

Monday, 29 November 2010

Winter blues!! Not likely

This is my world, it was taken just before another downfall at midday
I have to say I am very very lucky that I have a boss who doesn't believe in his staff
risking their lives and he does live in a rural location, which means 
he is aware of how dangerous it can be. I do feel for anyone
who has a less than understanding is just not worth the risk, is it?

I have been busy, taking the opportunity to update my website, send a mailing list email
and cut out and sew a big bear.......................oh to just have one day a week just for the bears
Yeah I know I spent all weekend finishing two commissions 
while my poor hubby did the housework!!!! 
But to make bears full-time (big sigh) I would miss my day job though LOLOL
Any way onto the bearies
This is Ruffles
He is available from my website
................and this is Benjamin..............
available from my website

I have also listed a few more, just in time for Christmas 

I have also listed Phoebe on ebay

Anyway, stay warm, stay safe and remember is it really worth getting hurt for !!!
Beary Hugs

Monday, 15 November 2010

Stand by your fair!!!

Well that's the last fair for the year, all but a memory now and I have to say it is a sad one, when it should be a happy one. I only do 5 fairs a year, this year I did 6 with the addition of Bears to Collect Huntingdon one. I adore them, to go chat, laugh and catch up with both artist and collectors is such a joy, this last one though has left me feeling morose and sad. You see my husband won't let me travel too far, not sure why, I can only imagine it's because its a big bad world out there and the wolves would ravish me in a second if I stepped out of his comfort zone!!!..............yeah I know I am 44, a wife and mother, have experienced the worst that life can throw at me and came out smiling not to mention that I did go half way round the world at 19 to Australia, all by myself, I rest my case, you honour!!
Why the sadness, well its because of the lack of visitors. I'm not talking about buyers, just good old fashioned browsers. I have never really seen fairs as sellers dream, many collectors including myself can't just buy what we like when we like and we have bills that mostly take our hard earned cash, so buying loads of new darlings to take home is a mere dream. Often I will flag an artist who's bears I would like to own and save for one. Fairs are and were never about selling, they are a shop window into our world, they are about who you are and what you are currently making. I know in the age of websites, forums, facebook and blogs fairs seem a tad old fashioned but you can't beat a bear in the fur. Don't get me wrong we all like to sell bears, its a way of knowing that you are doing good but every bear sold is a bonus.
I know that there are a lot of things that influence attendance from the weather to what else is on at or around that time but you don't have to buy, just visit. We are in fear of loosing those fairs that have been going awhile, they may seem jaded compared to the bright lights of a new fair but they are still great days out. Many years ago there used to be lots and lots of shows up and down the country, I hear bear artist reminisce over the good old days, those fairs were lost for one reason.......................lack of attendance, it becomes a vicious circle, as visitors fall by the wayside so do artist. Make 2011 the year when you say I may not be able to buy but I can support this industry by attending fairs
Here is my stand, I hope you like it

This is Phoebe

and this is Ruffles
Beary hugs

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Bears, cars and more bears

What has been happening in the Pemblington household since I last posted
Well I have, as ever, been very busy with stuff
as well as bears
The car was taken for its annual mot, not a big thing you understand
but major for me as I have what can only be described as a phobia over it..............
..................years ago when my daughter was little, our car failed 3 times and was kept on the third attempt, so I do get very jittery.
Anyway it failed, only on a few small things but it soon mounts up
and wouldn't you beleive it, it took just slightly more money than I had to my name!!!!
Story of my life, that one, LOLOL.
My husband was involved in an accident, he was shook up but fine.........
and as much as he is a pain I do love hime fact
he has made me both very angry and proud this week!!!
The accident was not his fault, as a ven decided to squease in front of him to trun left
and he was going straight round the roundabout to the next exit.
As per usual a van had tried to out run the lorry, to nip in front......
so if ever you are tempted....don't, he really thought he had
crushed the van as it disappeared below his windscreen.
I, myself have been to the docs. It started awhile back with pain in my ear
and has just continued, it feels like I have water in it and it aches.
At night if I lie flat by 2am it is throbbing so much that it wakes me up.
So off I goes, not a frequent visitor, you understand....................
................that in itself should make the doctor sit up and take note!!!
But no he was perplexed when he found no wax, dismissed half my symptoms
and told me that he supposed I "could" have fluid in my middle ear, no kidding.
Upon getting home and doing my own research on the internet
(don't like those medic sites-they put the fear of
god into you and should have a health warning themselves)
I found that symptoms did fit a middle ear infection
and the throbbing at night was the fluid
pressing on my eardrum, because I suffer nasally,
my synuses were filling up and making it a whole lot worse.
Really if I don't see another gereatric doctor in my life I would be happy........... one point I thought he was going to pat my knee and give me a lolly pop.
Enough about me and my continual woes, here are some new bears that I have been working on
The first is Bethany, she has been the subject of some debate over her name but I think Bethany suits her.
She is 14 inches tall and her outfit was made entirely by myself.
I am so thrilled with her, due to my constant lack of time I always felt that
I could do more in the way of clothes, so this time I was determined

This lady is Patience and she is even bigger at 17 inches

They will both be making their debut at Kelham Hall on

14th November 2010

Please come and say hello

Beary hugs

Sue xxx

Thursday, 30 September 2010

These are for you Joan................

...............the Joan in question is an amazing woman, she is not famous
or a celebrity, she is my mum-in-law

I never told her that she was amazing and I wish I had done, she was also a contradiction, a tough exterior with a heart of gold. I remember when I first met her, my husband insisted on taking me home to meet her but it was gone 10 at night, she had gone to bed and he made her get up, in her nightie, we did laugh about it after but she was not amused at the time. The next day he took me back and I have to say I was terrified, you see she hated Catholics (her father had been shot at in Ireland by Catholic women) She pointed it out to me and I was swift to say that I had never been to Ireland, she weighed me up and gave me a tight smile! From that day on I felt ever so slightly nervous in her company.
A few years later, after our daughter was born, I had to return to work, for my sanity and for money. That was when we became friends, deep friends. She told me about herself and I told her about me. She had had a hard time, a tough life, that was why she was so matter of fact, no frills and she never criticised me, she never gave an opinion and even when she was asked she was reluctant to say, for that I will always be grateful.
I remember the day she told me that she had "battered" my husbands dad, her ex, the look on my face was priceless but she soon had me laughing as she explained that he had pushed her too far and she had picked up the nearest thing, a motorbike helmet and threw it at him, it only caught him ever so slightly but he was running around the house shouting that she had tried to kill him. It was the least he deserved as she also told me of the time he threw you out on the street at Christmas. I am glad to say she did find happiness later and she laughed. She always laughed about things after they had happened, I suppose in those early days that was the only thing she could do. Like the time my husband and his best mate nearly shot the old lady next door.................................the little monkies had taken an air rifle and were messing about, the gun went off and shot through next doors window right passed her. How she chased my husband around and around the garden, his best mate took years to venture back!!!
It's nine years today since that fateful day that she left us, the last month of her life she showed such courage in the face of impossible odds and she tried to stay with as long as she could but it was not meant to be.
On that last day I swore to her that her son was safe with me and I would always look after him, she just looked at me with tear filled eyes and said "I know, I bless the day he met you" At that point, I finally felt I was part of her family
So where ever you are these roses are for you as I never did tell you that you were the best mum-in-law that a girl could wish for?

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Double Delight

What a week, last week was. Firstly I found out that I had been nominated in, not one but two categories of the British Bear Artists Awards and then I trot to W H Smiths to see if they have Teddy Bear Times. To my absolute delight I find that have not one bear but two featured in the teddy talk section. Don't you think they look fabulous..........................I have to say that a new editor has certainly sprused this magazine up, it is now pack with all sorts of bears and real ones too.

As for the rest of the week, well it was a bit dull in comparison and work was, as ever, very busy.
Bear-wise I am currently making some more girly bears but slightly bigger ones at around 12 inches and I had a good mohair scavange at the weekend and it's amazing what you find, a lovely tipped beige/brown curly found its way into my hand, so after I have finished my other two, I plan to make an even bigger one at around 15 inches.
I was asked the other day what was my least liked bit of bear making, funny as most people ask you what you like best, I have to say as I was sat on Sunday morning trimming, this question sprung to mind. The task is one that I have decided that I detest and is now made all the more difficult by the diappearing sun and the appearing rain..................(normally sit on back step and the birds get the mohair!!) The usual Sunday roast had an added ingredient this week!!! Well what can one do, being covered head to toe in ginger and old rose bits does make it hard to dish up.
Other things happening.....................................nothing really, boring aren't I?
Oh next door are having their roof re done, very expensive indeed. I have to appeal on my daughter behalf as she has been declined for Adult Learning Grant, its really tough on her, she has had to watch all her friends get EMA but because we earn too much, only just mind, she couldn't have a what message does that give our youngsters...................don't work when your older, the government will look after you!!!!. The whole idea of EMA and ALG is to encourage youngsters to continue with their education but to then say that a small minority of you can't have any money because your parents are doing what we are trying to encourage you to do, well it's no wonder the country has a deficit. Oops getting off my soapbox now............the benefit system needs sorting.
Beary Hugs
Sue xxxx

Monday, 20 September 2010

British Bear Artist Awards Nominations

I am so thrilled to tell you all, I have been nominated in not 1 but 2 categories for the British Bear Artist Awards................................... just to be nominated is such a thrill and here they are......................

This is Caledonia Brae, she is 17 inches tall and is wearing a dress of emerald silk and velvet

This is Tallulah Dragonfly, she is only 4 inches tall and is sporting hand embroidered wings

I have had a bit of a tough time just lately so this was indeed a true blessing. I know, again I here you cry, yes, well life has decided that I must in some way enjoy my share of bad bits, hence the absence from blogging. I find it hard to be chatty whilst blogging at these times...................I would love to share it with you, as I know that you would ease my ache but walls have ears and I wouldn't want to cause more trouble........................lets just say you don't get to 22 years of marriage without a few broken eggs and yet I feel selfish just saying that, he still loves me and I him and we are both healthy, they can be so thoughtless, can't they. Anyway who's to complain, there are plenty of people in the world who are far worse of than us.....
...........................shhhh thats just between you and me ;)
The holiday was a bit of a disaster, enough said, but I more than made up for it when we got back I bought a lovely stash of mohair from Tracey at Sew What and Stuff it as well as some fabulous vintage mohair from Barbara Ann
HA!! that will teach you (wicked laugh)

This little lady is Rebecca and I have just added her with lots of others onto my website

She is available for adoption at £45.00 + p&p, its the first time I have made a hat and I have to tell you it was very very fiddly but well worth it

Friday, 20 August 2010

The Gravy train

OK stop the gravy train I wanna get off..............................
.....................................this week has been, not exactly the week from hell but one of those week where if it's gonna go wrong then it will. (Off on hols tomorrow-car and caravan)
The car !!!!! well last Sunday we found a nail, a whopper, in a good tyre, nails never ever choose a good tyre, do they! So panic stations, Lady Luck was on our side and a whole rim and tyre were on ebay and they were just down the road...........30 miles ish, more to do! Low and behold, Wednesday night we found the spare was flat, so I have got to go and get that fixed today (my nice bear making day ruined!!!!)
The Caravan!!!!!Curtains you may remember we shredded the lining, well I still hadn't had time to make them and not being one to throw caution to the wind and moon passers-by, thought it was best to get them done asap, hah! what a joke, I finally managed to get round to sewing yesterday morning, a few words of caution on this matter, if EVER you are in a position to have to (why would you volunteer to make some, I would never know) The poppers are a *!@@?/ nightmare, they must have been invented by a man because your sewing foot is just too wide to fit neatly down the side and keep the stitches in contact with the plastic. So just to recap every 3 inches your machine veers wildly off the rails and gets stuck. Anyway I battled on and finished 1, LOLOLOL Now for the important bit, I knew they had shrunk a bit but thought I had just enough inches to reach............................hahahaha and you know what thought did!! You guessed it they were 1/2 inch too short..................moral of the tale NEVER EVER WASH CARAVAN CURTAINS
I had to make a trip to the caravan shop, on Sunday my hubby bought me a new porch awning, it really is super dooper, my old one was way too small, you could not swing a cushion in it (we don't swing cats in our house, I am allergic to them) this new one goes the full length and is fabulous BUT one of the upright was broken so I had to go back and get a new one the next day, as well as the chemical toilet flush that I forgot, LOLOL

The other main event of this week is my daughter AS results, now you may remember a year ago she dropped a successful BTEC course that would have given her the equivalent of 2 A's at A level, against the college's advice....................well she got 2 C's and a D, she is gutted, she had hoped for more but I am thrilled, she left school with just 3 GCSE's at B's and C's so not bad going in my book and she came tops in history.

This is Abigail, she is about 12 inches and will be with me at the Nottingham Bear Fair on Bank Holiday Monday, it's a great fair with some fabulous bear makers attending and its FREE

..................and don't forget Peaches, she is my free giveaway to my Mailing List, you still have time to sign up as her draw is on 1st September
Beary Hugs
Sue xxx

PS Bear stuff first in Caravn..................priorities LOLOL
PPS If you are in the Moffat area and see an eclipse, its not me honest, I will sort curtains!!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

August Bear of the Month

This is Albert, in all my busyness this month I completely forgot to tell you all who is my
Bear of the Month
Albert is about 16 inches tall and normally would sell for £70 +p&p
He is on offer for £49 +p&p
He is available to members of my website, so if you would like Albert
pop over and join, its free.

...................and don't forget by becoming a member
you will be included in my first free draw for Peaches, on the 1st September

I know this is a wee short one!!!! for me LOLOL
BUT I am trying to sort holiday stuff,
make bears for the Nottingham Bear Fair
and work!!!!! Oh what a life
Beary Hugs
Sue xx

PS will give a lengthier post at the weekend...................I have been crafting too, bags!

Monday, 9 August 2010

Hurry, hurry and all things mechanical

Cars, why do women never understand them, at this point I would like to say what a mystery they are but I will not insult womanhood by declaring such invented cars, have continued to claim them for their cars are quite frankly inefficient, noisy and more complex than they need to be.
We are off on our hols in 2 weeks, arrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhh. We have tried everything to sort our Jeep, its a cracking car....................ok I know it kills the ozone and uses more petrol than BP but we only do 2000 miles in her a year................promise. Anyway she is coughing and spluttering away, she has a new distributor cap, rotary arm, air filter, battery and lastly a fuel filter.........that's major tank removed and filter inserted, then stitched up again. Luckily we are members of Green Flag Caravan recovery!!!!! so cross your fingers, LOLOL

I have recently attended the Bears to Collect annual teddy show and I have to say it's a beaut. They include other select crafts, so there is a nice mix, jewellery, cards, soap's etc as well as bears. I have to admit to being very nervous, now I know that I am not a shrinking violet BUT this was an event that you have to be asked to attend, so hand picked!!!! posh or what. I really needn't have worried I had a ball, there were loads of collectors and I have to say that I have been in touch with The Guinness Book of Records about their talking records, both speed and volume!!!!!!!! I didn't stop all day and lots of bears went to new homes with their new mum's and dad's
I am now a little short on bears, with the Nottingham Bear Fair looming on Bank Holiday Monday, so I have to tell you I am burning the midnight oil........................well that's not quite true but sounds better than getting up at 6am to sew!!!! LOLOLOL I have 4 new bears to complete today and 4 to cut the holiday in between.

This is Tulip she is a new one from me, she is 8 inches tall and I am really chuffed with this new direction that I have taken, it's more me, if you know what I mean .....................
......................this is Fleur, she is now living with her new mum Deborah............................

Oh yes and don't forget my give away........
.....for Peaches......
....just join my mailing list
(see my prvious post for piccie)
Mailing List
Beary Hugs


Saturday, 7 August 2010

Beary Give Away

Bear give away

I have decided to have my very first give away.........................this is Peaches and she would love a new home, she is only 4 inches tall, now all you have to do is join my mailing list.
I have posted a link just below to make it easy.
Mailing List
The draw will take place on the 1st September.

Beary Hugs
Sue xxx

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Busy Bees, shows and life

I am in a state of shock, I don't mind telling you....................................why!!!! because it has been nearly 3 months since my last................ post...........................lololol you all thought I was going to say confession, be honest. I have to say that it almost seems like a confession and I feel really contrite about the whole issue (not that I am making fun of religion, you understand)

I was reminded on a forum the other day that this blog world was fun, enjoyable and I had not realised that my ditties were entertaining.................bless you, Pat.................for I needed a nudge.

Gosh what have I been doing since my last holiday...............well it's been work, a bit of work and a bit more work, all rounded with a small amount of beary production.
We have booked our next holiday, in 5 weeks time we are off to Moffat in Dumfries, just in time for the County Show.

Disaster has struck with the caravan, never ever trust a man. We, the royal one that is, decided to re-do the popper buttons on the front curtains. Now my man is a bit of a "has to be done yesterday" kinda fella. So there I am knee deep in something when he informs me that they could do with a wash before I re sew them................................Ok, ok I says not paying attention, yes I know I should have been but after being married this long I can honestly say I know what he is going to say before he says it, he popped them in the broken washer............'nother story and Bob's your uncle, half an hour later they were finished..........................totally shredded. Major sewing job now required.

On the beary front, I have just been to the Kelham Hall Doll and Teddy Fair, the July one is always a bit odd, less collectors. I think this is due to holidays coming up and school uniforms that have to be replaced in time for next years school start. The day came and the weather was stunning, it was a busy day and lots of talking, selling and above all cuddling. I do love a show.

I am now getting ready for my next show at Hinchingbrooke Hall,Huntingdon. It is the first time I have attended this show and I feel very honoured, as an exhibitor you have to be invited by Bears to Collect. It looks great and does have a bit for everyone...............non beary people, as well.

This little fella is Murphy and he will be there, he is a sweetie at about 8 inches tall, he is made from this amazing vintage mohair and boy did I have to use all my sewing skills on him, the mohair of yester year is very different, the current mohair has a coated back to help prevent fraying but this old stuff........................................lets just say Murphy learnt a few new words during his construction............................He was worth it though, wasn't he, he is just gorgeous, a real huggable bundle.

This wee Girl is Jasmine and I just couldn't resist making a real summer inspired girlie, In fact I have another two on the go in baby pink and lemon...............and these girls, hopefully will have hats!!!! that is if I can figure out how to make them...................stay tuned.

Well hugs for now and have a great weekend all of you
Sue xxxxxxxx

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Holidays and Bears

Well we are back from our hols! We came back last Saturday after a very sunny week in Northumberland. Dunstan Hill near Craster to be precise.
A few posts ago I mentioned that we were having a major con flab on holidays and I would fill you all in at a later date.
Well, here goes..........................................
We are relatively new to the holiday scene, due to lack of funds LOL (the story of our life)
About 6 years ago we were invited by friends to go to a local coastal resort for a week in a static caravan, this was through the Sun for those un-initiated the Sun runs "collect tokens" scheme and have 4 days holiday for £8.50 each.
The second year we went to Pitlochry in Scotland and that folks was my down fall, ever since then hubby has refused to go to anywhere other than Scotland. Since then our beloved dog Em passed away and we became a new mum and dad to Dixie, now Dixie is terrified we will leave her and to be honest she does need to see a doggie shrink!!! So we bought a caravan and tow-car, an oldie but in decent shape.
We return to Scotland and visit more stunning scenery, until this year when a forced "credit card ban" and an "I will save" attitude made us take a long look at how we paid for things. It was then I realised that having to holiday in April due timing of exams (daughters) there was not enough time to save the extra petrol for Scotland.
There then ensued a full scale war over a 3 week period
.......................the dilema..........where to go????????
I have to say at this point, men can be very pigheaded when it comes to getting their own way
Eventually we settled on Dunstan Hill, its half way between Berwick and Newcastle,
it was simply beautiful, about a mile from the most glorious beaches, real fine sand, none of that gravel stuff, the weather was great and we walked miles and miles.
The picture above is Dunstanborough Castle
AND the one below, do you recognise it, I did. I was very proud of that fact.............
..........................its were Harry Potter learnt to play Quidich

Otherwise known as Alnwick Castle, were the exterior shots are filmed

...................on the whole he (hubby) was well behaved but did have a wee tantrum on the tuesday........................not bad really, LOL

As for bears, well I have just updated my website with a whole host of new bears for sale
FenBeary Folk

This is Bryony

and this is Isobella

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Nottingham Bear Fair

The day dawned with some trepidation, I dare not peak out of the window. My last fair I could not make due to a white out blizzard and believe me its was such a disappointment, especially when you just love talking to all those fellow bear lovers. I needn't have worried it was a bit cloudy but no snow.
I arrived at Patching's in good time, finding the roads quite empty and with all the eagerness of a child, set about unloading the car..............well my daughter did the unloading, I do the talking. We were placed in the log cabin, as Patchings has two area's, the log cabin and the pavillion, not too far from each other. There tends to be lovely atmosphere in the rooms, this is mainly down to great artist that take part and the fact the fair has a small intimate feel, not too overwhelming. Patching is a great place to hold the fair, for those long suffering non-bear lovers are catered for, yes I know there are a few, my poor dad is one of them. There are numerous art studios which include painting, textiles, jewellery and their resident bear maker Maria of C & M Bearhugs, so you see quite a lot to see and do.

I am straying away from the day, as the time drew near opening, the excitement built and we were not disappointed as this fair never fails to draw a crowd of eager collectors and visitors. Within minutes I was knee deep in conversation ranging from tax and book keeping advice to bear making and not forgetting the ooohhs and aaaahs. I have to mention my fellow bear makers here because the bears were just stunning. Vicki of Baggaley Bears had bought a few of her new sized 5 inch bears and believe me they are just the cutest thing you can ever imagine.

Kaz Bears, aahhh I just love her oldy worldy bears, they have a timeless quality that ooze take me home. A newcomer to fairs was Eunice of E M Bears, talked into it be your truely !!! She had a superb day and her bears and creatures were flying of her stand, including a lovely cat called Sasha, who went home with my mum. Sue Quinn and Barabara Ann Bears also had such wonderful display and bears, in fact I could fill a whole book on all the wonderful creations that I saw. I ended my day very tired, very happy and, of course, with a few pieces of mohair.
This little girl is Isabella, I will be putting her on my website tomorrow.
Her adoption fee will be £45 +p&p

This is Amelia, she is available from my website.

Her adoption fee is £45 +p&p


Monday, 22 February 2010

Disappointments and Gifts

Oh Boy have I had a week of it and to be honest my latest adventure or non adventure was too upsetting till now to tell you about.........................ok lets start at the beginning, where all good tales should start.
The Friday before last we had cavity wall insulation installed, its great, you get a grant and your electric company contributes leaving a balance of £129-ish to pay. The guys who fitted it were noisey but nice and I think it was worth it. I had booked the day off plus the following week off, so was looking forward to it. My first disaster was my daughters laptop, having been "away" at the menders for months it finally came home, to daughters delight. First things first......................full internet security, so I got an all singing dancing Kapsersky program, loaded it onto my pc fine but when I went to load it onto the laptop, it wouldn't download properly...............when it was finally sorted, I had a run issue, followed by a Windows Vista get my drift!!!! 8 calls later, being cut off 3 times, I lost the plot and I mean really really lost the plot. I rang sales and demanded to make a complaint. Now I will give them their due, I had a manager liaise with me and a technician call me and sort everything......................................time taken 6 breaths.

The following days were a bliss of bear making magic, as Kelham Doll and Teddy Fair was on the Sunday. Oh mustn't forget the 2 hour fight with the laptop to load iTunes, but hey I knew that would be to the death, we have battled before and a trip, clothes shopping to Lincoln.
Anyway Sunday drew close and I was all ready for the fair, now you have to understand I looooooooooooove fairs, the chatting, the collectors, the mohair, just getting excited talking about it. I do 5 a year..................Kelham and Nottingham, so hopefully by now, you are getting the picture, they mean so much too me.

Got up Sunday and guess what SNOW, white out blizzard actually, I waited and waited hoping it would stop but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I had to cancel, I was so upset I barely said a word all day and believe me that is very rare. The icing on the cake has to be my husband, you see we do own a 4x4 but I have never driven it. After I had cancelled, my "dear" husband offered (begrudgingly) to take me, by which time it was too late to get there and set up.
I have to admit, between you and me, I sobbed, great big ones, when I went to bed.

So I have a few bears that missed their limelight, I have added a couple to my website.

This is Cappuccino, he is about 14 inches tall and I adore him, every now and again, any bear maker will tell you that they make an extra special that has the X-factor, well Cappuccino has it.

I got the material from a very dear kind friend Jean of Little Scruffs
She very kindly gave me a piece, wasn't that lovely of her.
Thanks Jean xxxx
PS I have just noticed Jean is having a little competition, so if you fancy a Little Scruff pop over to her site and enter.

His adoption fee is £70.00 plus p&p
He can be found on : Old Style Bears

This little girl is Beatrice, so so sweet. I have listed her on ebay and she will end about 9pm Sunday 28th February.
She is about 4 inches tall and gorgeous


Well I hope you are all safe and warm, wherever you are.
Beary Hugs
A heartbroken Sue

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Vinage bear thoughts

Isn't this picture just sumptuous ????
This is my new stash of vintage fabrics that I purchased from Barbara Ann at Norbeary Fabrics, I had hoped to have a finished bear for Kelham on Sunday but time is ever my enemy, LOL.
It oozes quality, very yummy indeed.
As you can imagine I am very busy sewing stuffing and screaming, I am off this week and what seemed like plenty of time is now turning into not enough.
At the beginning of this week I read a great discussion on a teddy forum about giving up work and making bears full time............................oh the life, the dream. What would you do?
My instant answer was YES, as much as I love my day job, I just really don't have enough time, I do things in bits, a bit of web update, a bit of forum, a bit of creating, a bit of shopping, a lot of get my drift. I end up feeling frustrated that I am not giving enough time to each of those bits. As I read through the replies on this discussion I was struck by the difference in replies..................the have's and the have not's................myself being in the have not group. Those that were making bears full time, the have's, were happier but the strain of the bears being their main income, at times, was incredible. The have not's were very like me, not enough time but the pressure was not the same and making bears was still very much a freedom of expression, so what is best.................................yep you guessed it, winning the lottery and making bears full time!!!! Until that point I will continue to juggle my bears in the air and feel the strain of time but as for the pressure, I will be grateful that my life does not depend on how many bears I sell, or make.

Oh and don't forget if you are Nottinghamshire way, please say hello, I will be the harried, stressed one at the Kelham Doll and Bear fair on Sunday
I love to chat, so be prepared

Thursday, 28 January 2010

The light at the end of the tunnel and Ginger

This is Ginger, she is a big girl at 17 inches and very floppy
I have listed her onto ebay to end on Sunday

I am sure she will be pleased if you pay her a visit, her reserve is £75

This week, far from being a nightmare, has gone quite smoothly, not that I haven't had extra work to do or that the time hasn't flown by. The late bods who haven't sent their details in for their tax returns haven't materialised, so that has helped. We are nearing the end for another year, thank goodness..............................more bear time again, hehehe.

As for bears, well Sunday saw me working on a pattern for another large bear, for a lovely collector. When you draw a pattern for a commission bear it's different to one for general sale. I am a bit of a "go with the flow girl" but when it is a special bear for a special collector I tend to get all panicky and very precise...................and worry, is that foot pad right or that gusset wonky.

The proof, of course will be in the pudding, the mohair is a gorgeous semi-sparse honey colour, just good enough to eat. I will, of course, let you have a peak when she is finished.

I also got hubby to agree to a holiday!!!!!!! another story, for another day, MEN !!!!!LOL

Beary hugs for now
Sue xx

Friday, 22 January 2010


Boy, I can't beleive it has been nearly a month since I posted..........................I mean to but as ever time just disappears on me, I am sure the Time Gremlins steal it!!!! January has just flown by, my life has been a sea of calculations, clients and phone calls. Ahhhhhhhhh you see in my other life I work in Accountancy and we are at our busiest time. Did I just hear someone mutter "boring"............................NO far from it, you get to meet all sorts of people and you get to view their trials and tribulations for the past year. Yes its a people business and you all just thought it was numbers, hehe. From the client who makes money, no matter what they do, to the poor man who is struggling to survive, I meet them all. So if you haven't filed your return, you have a week left!!!!!!!!!!!!
On the beary front, as you can imagine I have had very little time, the odd ear, the odd cutting out....................................and I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo busy. I had lots of orders come over Christmas, I know some artists don't like commissions but to know that someone has chosen you to produce that special little beary face that they will love forever, well its magical.
I did find time to finish poor Greta off, she has been waiting for awhile now and became rather impatient, LOL. As you can see it was worth the wait, I am so happy with her sweet face and I hope you like her too.
She is on my website for anyone to have a look at,
her adoption fee is £35 +p&p
Tahrah for now, as that ole calculator calls
Sue xx