Thursday, 28 January 2010

The light at the end of the tunnel and Ginger

This is Ginger, she is a big girl at 17 inches and very floppy
I have listed her onto ebay to end on Sunday

I am sure she will be pleased if you pay her a visit, her reserve is £75

This week, far from being a nightmare, has gone quite smoothly, not that I haven't had extra work to do or that the time hasn't flown by. The late bods who haven't sent their details in for their tax returns haven't materialised, so that has helped. We are nearing the end for another year, thank goodness..............................more bear time again, hehehe.

As for bears, well Sunday saw me working on a pattern for another large bear, for a lovely collector. When you draw a pattern for a commission bear it's different to one for general sale. I am a bit of a "go with the flow girl" but when it is a special bear for a special collector I tend to get all panicky and very precise...................and worry, is that foot pad right or that gusset wonky.

The proof, of course will be in the pudding, the mohair is a gorgeous semi-sparse honey colour, just good enough to eat. I will, of course, let you have a peak when she is finished.

I also got hubby to agree to a holiday!!!!!!! another story, for another day, MEN !!!!!LOL

Beary hugs for now
Sue xx

Friday, 22 January 2010


Boy, I can't beleive it has been nearly a month since I posted..........................I mean to but as ever time just disappears on me, I am sure the Time Gremlins steal it!!!! January has just flown by, my life has been a sea of calculations, clients and phone calls. Ahhhhhhhhh you see in my other life I work in Accountancy and we are at our busiest time. Did I just hear someone mutter "boring"............................NO far from it, you get to meet all sorts of people and you get to view their trials and tribulations for the past year. Yes its a people business and you all just thought it was numbers, hehe. From the client who makes money, no matter what they do, to the poor man who is struggling to survive, I meet them all. So if you haven't filed your return, you have a week left!!!!!!!!!!!!
On the beary front, as you can imagine I have had very little time, the odd ear, the odd cutting out....................................and I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo busy. I had lots of orders come over Christmas, I know some artists don't like commissions but to know that someone has chosen you to produce that special little beary face that they will love forever, well its magical.
I did find time to finish poor Greta off, she has been waiting for awhile now and became rather impatient, LOL. As you can see it was worth the wait, I am so happy with her sweet face and I hope you like her too.
She is on my website for anyone to have a look at,
her adoption fee is £35 +p&p
Tahrah for now, as that ole calculator calls
Sue xx