Monday, 28 March 2011

One Proud Mamma

There is one thing that can be assured off in our house....................................its the mayhem that happens on a regular basis. This though is very good news, our daughter has been accepted into Lincoln University to study Law. The letter arrived on the Thursday and at 7am the next day she had booked us places to attend the Open Day, the following day on the Saturday !!!!! Yes I know we never do things in an orderly manner LOLOL.
I can only say I am so so proud, in fact, exceptionally see Catherine left school with just 3 GCSE's and has worked so hard to get this far. She now has 5 GCSE's, a BTEC level 2, a Certificate in Finance (AS level A grade) and a Certificate in Business Studies (A level C grade) plus she is currently doing 3 A levels.......................She needs 300 UCAS points and she has 140 points already, so I guess that means my baby will be training to be a lawyer.

Here is a few pics I took of Lincoln and I have to say it was amazing, so much so I wanted to join up and go myself, not sure if they would have had me though LOLOL
It has a real nice atmosphere, so if you have any kids planning on going to uni, look at Lincoln its fabulous

As for my little furry friends, I ma busy getting ready for Nottingham and have nearly finished a gorgeous claret coloured bear who will be wearing a duck egg blue dress, matching knitted cardigan with knickers and all LOLOL 
Beary Hugs for now

Sue xxxx

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Kelham and the bears

Well it’s been a busy few weeks, I have done my first fair of the year, killed my old pc, made a charity bear  and not lost weight BUT spring is coming and the birds are singing!!!!
At the end of February I attended Kelham Hall for their first fair of the year and after November I had mixed feelings about whether this fair would worth the effort. I am glad to say that it was, as several bears went to new homes and as you can see from my picture I had been a busy bee. It was lovely to catch up on several collectors, especially those that couldn’t make it last time.

This is Clicie, I made him for my daughter who was part of a fund raising event at college. Her and a few friends organized a cupcake sale and raffle for a children’s cancer charity called Clic Sargent. I just had to donate a bear and they raised about £140 which was brilliant, I am one proud mother.

This is Mint Julep, he is about 13 inches and is for sale on my website or by clicking the available bears tab on my blog

And finally we have Miss Darcie……………………………she is a real sweetie at about 15 inches. She is wearing bloomers, petticoat, chemise and over dress, all made by myself. She is available for adoption on my website too.
 Beary Hugs