Thursday, 30 September 2010

These are for you Joan................

...............the Joan in question is an amazing woman, she is not famous
or a celebrity, she is my mum-in-law

I never told her that she was amazing and I wish I had done, she was also a contradiction, a tough exterior with a heart of gold. I remember when I first met her, my husband insisted on taking me home to meet her but it was gone 10 at night, she had gone to bed and he made her get up, in her nightie, we did laugh about it after but she was not amused at the time. The next day he took me back and I have to say I was terrified, you see she hated Catholics (her father had been shot at in Ireland by Catholic women) She pointed it out to me and I was swift to say that I had never been to Ireland, she weighed me up and gave me a tight smile! From that day on I felt ever so slightly nervous in her company.
A few years later, after our daughter was born, I had to return to work, for my sanity and for money. That was when we became friends, deep friends. She told me about herself and I told her about me. She had had a hard time, a tough life, that was why she was so matter of fact, no frills and she never criticised me, she never gave an opinion and even when she was asked she was reluctant to say, for that I will always be grateful.
I remember the day she told me that she had "battered" my husbands dad, her ex, the look on my face was priceless but she soon had me laughing as she explained that he had pushed her too far and she had picked up the nearest thing, a motorbike helmet and threw it at him, it only caught him ever so slightly but he was running around the house shouting that she had tried to kill him. It was the least he deserved as she also told me of the time he threw you out on the street at Christmas. I am glad to say she did find happiness later and she laughed. She always laughed about things after they had happened, I suppose in those early days that was the only thing she could do. Like the time my husband and his best mate nearly shot the old lady next door.................................the little monkies had taken an air rifle and were messing about, the gun went off and shot through next doors window right passed her. How she chased my husband around and around the garden, his best mate took years to venture back!!!
It's nine years today since that fateful day that she left us, the last month of her life she showed such courage in the face of impossible odds and she tried to stay with as long as she could but it was not meant to be.
On that last day I swore to her that her son was safe with me and I would always look after him, she just looked at me with tear filled eyes and said "I know, I bless the day he met you" At that point, I finally felt I was part of her family
So where ever you are these roses are for you as I never did tell you that you were the best mum-in-law that a girl could wish for?

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Double Delight

What a week, last week was. Firstly I found out that I had been nominated in, not one but two categories of the British Bear Artists Awards and then I trot to W H Smiths to see if they have Teddy Bear Times. To my absolute delight I find that have not one bear but two featured in the teddy talk section. Don't you think they look fabulous..........................I have to say that a new editor has certainly sprused this magazine up, it is now pack with all sorts of bears and real ones too.

As for the rest of the week, well it was a bit dull in comparison and work was, as ever, very busy.
Bear-wise I am currently making some more girly bears but slightly bigger ones at around 12 inches and I had a good mohair scavange at the weekend and it's amazing what you find, a lovely tipped beige/brown curly found its way into my hand, so after I have finished my other two, I plan to make an even bigger one at around 15 inches.
I was asked the other day what was my least liked bit of bear making, funny as most people ask you what you like best, I have to say as I was sat on Sunday morning trimming, this question sprung to mind. The task is one that I have decided that I detest and is now made all the more difficult by the diappearing sun and the appearing rain..................(normally sit on back step and the birds get the mohair!!) The usual Sunday roast had an added ingredient this week!!! Well what can one do, being covered head to toe in ginger and old rose bits does make it hard to dish up.
Other things happening.....................................nothing really, boring aren't I?
Oh next door are having their roof re done, very expensive indeed. I have to appeal on my daughter behalf as she has been declined for Adult Learning Grant, its really tough on her, she has had to watch all her friends get EMA but because we earn too much, only just mind, she couldn't have a what message does that give our youngsters...................don't work when your older, the government will look after you!!!!. The whole idea of EMA and ALG is to encourage youngsters to continue with their education but to then say that a small minority of you can't have any money because your parents are doing what we are trying to encourage you to do, well it's no wonder the country has a deficit. Oops getting off my soapbox now............the benefit system needs sorting.
Beary Hugs
Sue xxxx

Monday, 20 September 2010

British Bear Artist Awards Nominations

I am so thrilled to tell you all, I have been nominated in not 1 but 2 categories for the British Bear Artist Awards................................... just to be nominated is such a thrill and here they are......................

This is Caledonia Brae, she is 17 inches tall and is wearing a dress of emerald silk and velvet

This is Tallulah Dragonfly, she is only 4 inches tall and is sporting hand embroidered wings

I have had a bit of a tough time just lately so this was indeed a true blessing. I know, again I here you cry, yes, well life has decided that I must in some way enjoy my share of bad bits, hence the absence from blogging. I find it hard to be chatty whilst blogging at these times...................I would love to share it with you, as I know that you would ease my ache but walls have ears and I wouldn't want to cause more trouble........................lets just say you don't get to 22 years of marriage without a few broken eggs and yet I feel selfish just saying that, he still loves me and I him and we are both healthy, they can be so thoughtless, can't they. Anyway who's to complain, there are plenty of people in the world who are far worse of than us.....
...........................shhhh thats just between you and me ;)
The holiday was a bit of a disaster, enough said, but I more than made up for it when we got back I bought a lovely stash of mohair from Tracey at Sew What and Stuff it as well as some fabulous vintage mohair from Barbara Ann
HA!! that will teach you (wicked laugh)

This little lady is Rebecca and I have just added her with lots of others onto my website

She is available for adoption at £45.00 + p&p, its the first time I have made a hat and I have to tell you it was very very fiddly but well worth it