Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Blueberry and life

Well long time no post, as they say.
Life in the FenLand household has seen quite a few highs and lows these last few weeks, surfice it to say, I am not sure if I have met myself coming back yet but there was something vaguely familiar about this woman I passed last week, hehe LOL.
Oh where to begin, I will not bore you with the very personal stuff, lets just say it can be a tough life sometimes and Gordon (Brown) if you are reading this, Please flippin well do something about the pirates, no not the Carribean ones, the Credit card ones!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway enough of that depressing stuff and on to lighter things................
I would like to introduce Blueberry, he is my latest wee chubby little fella. He was for a birthday present and winged his way to N. Ireland the other week.

I am glad to say he was a hit, which is just as well because I adored his cute chubby cheaks and the little tummy he has, so he nearly didn't go anywhere!! I am still very busy with commissions and for every bear I make I seem to add 2 more to my order book, which is lovely.

A bear that I made a while ago for my mum's reunion group The Prince Rupert School, Wilhemshaven, Germany was in a raffle at the Annual Reunion, the bear went down a storm and will be featured in their newsletter which is due out in July. I understand that there quite a few enquiries about the bear, so I may be making a few more, just cross your fingers for me.............................the credit card monster has to be fed somehow, you know!!

Ah, yes, my baby was 18 last week.....................OMG did I just say 18, I really can't get my head around this one. I swear I have only just stopped buying nappies, I blinked and she grew up. I can't say that it makes me feel broody, its more of a nostalgic feel and a scream of


I am one proud mum, she is a credit to herself- kind, thoughtful and caring.

Other beary news, the BBAA are fast approaching (entry by 31st July, piccies by September, I think) and planning is my head though. I think I will enter two catagories this year, its all a bit scary. I was in the beginners class last year and boy was that tough but if you don't enter then you don't strive to be the best you can be and push your boundaries, well that what I think.

Bye bye for now and lots of beary hugs to you all