Thursday, 7 May 2009


I would like you all to meet Bourbon, he is tricky little fella, who just wouldn't be photographed for love nor money, hehe!!!!
He is a gorgeous chocolate brown colour and measures a wee 3 3/4 inches tall.
He is 5 way cotter-pin jointed and filled with glass beads and top quality fibre fill.
He has tiny little black boot button eyes and I have both shaded and needle sculpted around his eye sockets

He is available from me via my blog at the moment, website issues!!!!!
So if you would like to give little Bourbon a home, his adoption fee is £35 plus £5 UK p&p and £8 overseas p&p

Many thanks for visiting Bourbon, hopefully I will be able to sort the website probs soon
Huggies for now
Sue xxxx

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Blossom and the weekend

Well its back to work today, after the long weekend. I had a great weekend but have woken with neck ache and a bad head this morning.............................that taxman has a lots to answer for!!!! I swear its the stress of it, I checked the website but its the same as it was last week, so I have a horrible feeling that the tech guys didn't fix the problem.
Anyway summer is on the way, this is the cherry blossom tree in the front of the garden and the other picture is of our mad rampant Clemetis that covers our sewage system.

Isn't it fabulous

If ever you need a fast going pretty climber to cover something unsightly then a Clemetis is your gal.

I have revamped my blog this weekend, do you like it? I also spent an age trying to match my website to it, boy was that fustrating. Webs is great but it does have its limits, especially when you are not that computer savvyed. Hubs eventually fell out with me, well it did take most of Saturday and Sunday morning !!!! oops ;) I do hope the lady who made the graphics doesn't mind but I did put a link to her blog on the front of my home page, her designs are very beautiful.

Speaking of family, my baby has finally grown up, NO not my daughter, Hubs, I mean.
We didn't go to the truck festival, he decided that it wasn't worth it and we couldn't really afford it. I was so shocked I nearly fainted, a few years ago, he would have sulked and stamped a few feet, but not know, I am so proud of him. He was disappointed but very adult about it!!!!
I finished a little bear, who is patiently waiting a name and also work on a little blue bear for a commission, so very busy as ususal.
Yesterday we went to a caravan shop, we had a nice look round, it was a "what I would do if I won the lottery" trip. For second hand vans, they were a bit expensive but a lot had sold stickers on and times of collection. I am sure you could get a good deal on a brand new van right now, as these were about the £10,000 mark. We had a look at, I really don't think they are for me though, I just imagined myself cooking on a camp stove, with the dog running around and my blood pressure rose instantly.

To finish off, I thought you might like to see this, it was taken with my camera and I have never used the video facility before, so its very short but here is Dixie enjoying the water.
Funny she hated it as a puppy, we had to make crazy patterns in the air to entice careful what you wish for, this is now her favourite toy and it does cause problems when you are trying to water the plants that you have just lovingly planted, hehe!!!!!!!! She tramples everywhere to get to the hose pipe.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Bear of the month and the tax man

This is Algernon, he is my bear of the month for May. He is a really early bear of mine (no.19) and as such is a softie and quite light in weight. He can be found by clicking the link, which takes you through to my website. I started the bear of the month awhile ago for members of my website, all you need to do is to register, its free. Algernon is available for £42 plus postage.
I hope you agree he really is a little different but sweet none the less.

Arrrrrrrrrrrrghhh the taxman!!!!! I was a really good girl last week and submitted my tax return, now before you are all too impressed, I am due a refund and just that little bit will get me up to date with my bills. After a few days I checked my account and it was telling me a funny message about "nothing to view", so last Friday I rang them and was told everything was fine and no further action was required by the taxman. Great money in a few days!!!! Move forward to this week, no cash, ooops and a few swear words!!!! I rang again yesterday and was told they had not received my return (submitted online)!!!!!?????? What??? It was in limbo, LIMBO, sorry the taxman doesn't do limbo, its automatic, computer generated. Did I have a submission number...........................................YES!!!!!!! I did, she couldn't help me, ring back in a month!!!! NO, I don't think so, I would be toast, bills wise, if I have to wait a month. When I got home I checked my printed submission and YES it declared the tax man had received it, so like a dog with a bone I rang again. It just shows you that if your gut tells you something is wrong then it probably is. This time I spoke to a lovely lady who told me the computer tax calculator had gone wobbley and the tech guys were going to fix it this weekend, as a result you can submit your tax return but everything after that is suspended. I have not got a clue if my money will turn up next week or if I have to wait for someone to manually check my submission.
I am sure that some of you are wondering if I make all this up, for those that regularily read my blog (and for that I am truely grateful) will know my path in life is never a smooth one, hehe!!
No my life is really like this, I think that when I was born, God saw my future struggles and gave me a rod of iron down my back and blessed me with the most optimistic nature, otherwise I think I would have gone mad by now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hubs says I am just bl**dy minded, um!!!
The plans for the weekend were to go to the truck festival, I even have discount vouchers for the entrance but now I am not so sure what to do, it's not my cup of tea. I do think hubby deserves a break though and maybe I will surprise him ;)
Anyway have a beautiful weekend whatever you are up to XXX
Sue xx