Saturday, 28 November 2009

Holly and Berry on ebay

Well Hi everyone, as per usual I am apologising for being abscent, I really must try harder because I do love blogging but November has been filled with shows and Christmas shopping. I am at the point where I have now ran out of money and still have a few things to buy !!!!
Typical, every year I get to this point and vow that next year I will be very good and save for Christmas, so I am determined in January to save. You could say its my first resolution for the new year LOL. Wonder how long it will last. I do envy those organised bods who have it all sewn up by the end of September, must be a fabulous feeling.

I have listed not one but two bears on ebay to finish Sunday (29th) teatime. The first is Holly (above) she was both a pleasure and a pain to make. The pleasure being herself, such a cutie. The pain all those Ivy leaves, making them was ok but I did have some fun joining all the leaves together at the end. As you can see though it was well worth it, she's a beaut.

This little fella is Berry and he is adorned by my famous hand made wings, his velvet is amazing, all tiny little rectangles of colour.


So please say hi to them on ebay, they will appreciate it
Beary Hugs
Sue xxx