Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Diet................................Week 3

Well last week was a bit of a wash out, I was really good all week then blew it on a piece of lemon cheesecake.
It just goes to show what small amount can upset the apple cart, I didn't loose any weight. So this week I have renewed determination.
The thing that was lacking was willpower, it's a very funny thing this will power lark. With it you can conquer the world and without it you stagnate, vegetate and slip into oblivion LOL It takes willpower to do all things, some things only take small bits of it and others things are monumental in effort. Dieting is strange, in that, it can be effortless and at other times it can be of epic proportions. Last week was one of those epic moments. When I first did this diet years ago, my willpower was rock solid, I had been so heavy for so long it was really effortless to stick too. Now I find that its so hard mentally to keep on track..................................its all too easy to say "just the one, it won't hurt" but it does, every little cheat, every little bit of extra mounts up and then you easily slide into a spiral of downward hate, hate of the diet and hate of oneself for not being good at it.
The key is to give yourself a break and say "you know what it's ok, think of the bigger picture" in this case the bigger picture is a long term goal and will I really remember that this last week I messed up..............I don't think so.
I have always been a determined little soul, over the years this has been strengthened over the years through various issues I have dealt with, a very wise man once told me "focus on the solution not the problem" Eh???? It took me years to work that one out in my head but it so true, sometimes we can be looking so hard at the problem we close our minds to the this case DON'T CHEAT !!!!!!
If you are following this diet then you need to add dairy, in the form of yoghurts this week...............good luck
Beary Hugs
Sue xx