Monday, 15 November 2010

Stand by your fair!!!

Well that's the last fair for the year, all but a memory now and I have to say it is a sad one, when it should be a happy one. I only do 5 fairs a year, this year I did 6 with the addition of Bears to Collect Huntingdon one. I adore them, to go chat, laugh and catch up with both artist and collectors is such a joy, this last one though has left me feeling morose and sad. You see my husband won't let me travel too far, not sure why, I can only imagine it's because its a big bad world out there and the wolves would ravish me in a second if I stepped out of his comfort zone!!!..............yeah I know I am 44, a wife and mother, have experienced the worst that life can throw at me and came out smiling not to mention that I did go half way round the world at 19 to Australia, all by myself, I rest my case, you honour!!
Why the sadness, well its because of the lack of visitors. I'm not talking about buyers, just good old fashioned browsers. I have never really seen fairs as sellers dream, many collectors including myself can't just buy what we like when we like and we have bills that mostly take our hard earned cash, so buying loads of new darlings to take home is a mere dream. Often I will flag an artist who's bears I would like to own and save for one. Fairs are and were never about selling, they are a shop window into our world, they are about who you are and what you are currently making. I know in the age of websites, forums, facebook and blogs fairs seem a tad old fashioned but you can't beat a bear in the fur. Don't get me wrong we all like to sell bears, its a way of knowing that you are doing good but every bear sold is a bonus.
I know that there are a lot of things that influence attendance from the weather to what else is on at or around that time but you don't have to buy, just visit. We are in fear of loosing those fairs that have been going awhile, they may seem jaded compared to the bright lights of a new fair but they are still great days out. Many years ago there used to be lots and lots of shows up and down the country, I hear bear artist reminisce over the good old days, those fairs were lost for one reason.......................lack of attendance, it becomes a vicious circle, as visitors fall by the wayside so do artist. Make 2011 the year when you say I may not be able to buy but I can support this industry by attending fairs
Here is my stand, I hope you like it

This is Phoebe

and this is Ruffles
Beary hugs


Katy Cameron said...

Sorry to hear it was such a quiet day. Troon was pretty quiet too a lot of the time, but I did manage to sell one of Dawn's bears for her by insisting a collector picked him up and hugged him. You just can't do that on line!

FenBeary Folk said...

No you can't Katy and it is worrying that as Troon is so new, it didn't attract big numbers, as I said its not about sales, I didn't do too bad and have had enquiries after but its not like having a good chin wag LOL
Sue xx

Southern Bears said...

Hi Sue, you have come such a long way since I first met you and your bears are delightful. I wish I could meet them all in the fur. Please be grateful that you can still attend the shows. Where I stay there are NO shows. I would have to travel internationally and oh dear .. where is the money??

Lots of love
Pat xx

FenBeary Folk said...

Oh Pat, I am grateful and didn't mean to sound as if I am, I was trying to highlight the fact that even if the economy is bad you can still visit as it would be appreciated by the artist. I am sorry that you have no shows near you, maybe if their are a few of you, you could organise your own craft show
Sue xx