Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Bears, cars and more bears

What has been happening in the Pemblington household since I last posted
Well I have, as ever, been very busy with stuff
as well as bears
The car was taken for its annual mot, not a big thing you understand
but major for me as I have what can only be described as a phobia over it..............
..................years ago when my daughter was little, our car failed 3 times and was kept on the third attempt, so I do get very jittery.
Anyway it failed, only on a few small things but it soon mounts up
and wouldn't you beleive it, it took just slightly more money than I had to my name!!!!
Story of my life, that one, LOLOL.
My husband was involved in an accident, he was shook up but fine.........
and as much as he is a pain I do love hime dearly......in fact
he has made me both very angry and proud this week!!!
The accident was not his fault, as a ven decided to squease in front of him to trun left
and he was going straight round the roundabout to the next exit.
As per usual a van had tried to out run the lorry, to nip in front......
so if ever you are tempted....don't, he really thought he had
crushed the van as it disappeared below his windscreen.
I, myself have been to the docs. It started awhile back with pain in my ear
and has just continued, it feels like I have water in it and it aches.
At night if I lie flat by 2am it is throbbing so much that it wakes me up.
So off I goes, not a frequent visitor, you understand....................
................that in itself should make the doctor sit up and take note!!!
But no he was perplexed when he found no wax, dismissed half my symptoms
and told me that he supposed I "could" have fluid in my middle ear, no kidding.
Upon getting home and doing my own research on the internet
(don't like those medic sites-they put the fear of
god into you and should have a health warning themselves)
I found that symptoms did fit a middle ear infection
and the throbbing at night was the fluid
pressing on my eardrum, because I suffer nasally,
my synuses were filling up and making it a whole lot worse.
Really if I don't see another gereatric doctor in my life I would be happy...........
.....................at one point I thought he was going to pat my knee and give me a lolly pop.
Enough about me and my continual woes, here are some new bears that I have been working on
The first is Bethany, she has been the subject of some debate over her name but I think Bethany suits her.
She is 14 inches tall and her outfit was made entirely by myself.
I am so thrilled with her, due to my constant lack of time I always felt that
I could do more in the way of clothes, so this time I was determined

This lady is Patience and she is even bigger at 17 inches

They will both be making their debut at Kelham Hall on

14th November 2010

Please come and say hello

Beary hugs

Sue xxx

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