Monday, 29 November 2010

Winter blues!! Not likely

This is my world, it was taken just before another downfall at midday
I have to say I am very very lucky that I have a boss who doesn't believe in his staff
risking their lives and he does live in a rural location, which means 
he is aware of how dangerous it can be. I do feel for anyone
who has a less than understanding is just not worth the risk, is it?

I have been busy, taking the opportunity to update my website, send a mailing list email
and cut out and sew a big bear.......................oh to just have one day a week just for the bears
Yeah I know I spent all weekend finishing two commissions 
while my poor hubby did the housework!!!! 
But to make bears full-time (big sigh) I would miss my day job though LOLOL
Any way onto the bearies
This is Ruffles
He is available from my website
................and this is Benjamin..............
available from my website

I have also listed a few more, just in time for Christmas 

I have also listed Phoebe on ebay

Anyway, stay warm, stay safe and remember is it really worth getting hurt for !!!
Beary Hugs

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