Friday, 3 December 2010

Community spirit, Ruby and Amethyst

Well its been a week, of snow, snow and more in the scheme of things, to be honest, we have not had the likes of Yorkshire or Scotland BUT we have had enough to halt proceedings. I am sure as you get older you become more aware of the dangers and more scared of what will happen. Twice I have had to drive in extreme snow, not just a few inches but serious getting stuck stuff, I would not have done this except for getting to my daughter, to make sure she was safe, was my priority.
I was watching the news the other night and was struck by the fact there are still a good community spirit out there. Years ago we lived in a tiny hamlet and I have to say our neighbours were great, we all got snowed in badly one Christmas and the two local farmer took turns in their tractors fetching supplies, my husband worked for one of them and they would go and get a shopping list from every house, regardless of who they were or how grumpy they had been in the year over mud on the road etc....................anyway back to those news reports, midwives getting lifts on tractors, a lady taking shopping to an elderly lady, an gentleman clearing paths, two young kids digging an old man's car out...........the list goes on. I felt really sad when the reports finished, in fact quite tearful. Why.........................I had forgotten how lovely it was to be part of a community, all be it, a very small one. Where we live now, we are all in our own isolated little worlds, so near yet so far. You never realise how good something is until its gone.
Not being able to get out without risking life and limb has meant my cupboards are now bare, empty....................starvation is knocking on my door!!!!!!.  I no longer have those neighbours that check if you need anything. All was nearly lost tonight I had a last few sausages in the freezer and had planned pasta with sausages in pasta sauce. I opened the sauce and it was rank, still in date but air had got panic set in till I found a tin of potatoes and some rice. We will have to attempt to get out tomorrow, we literally have nothing left to eat. Luckily hubby will be driving.
As for the week itself, apart from the usual guilt on not being at work, I have had a very very good beary week..................I have sewn 4 bears and finished 2 of them. They are Ruby and Amethyst.........
This is Amethst, she is now on my website
 and this is Ruby, on the same page
I have also found time to add Page to Ebay
I have added a new page to my blog.................Available Bears and worked out how to add a shopping cart. It will take me awhile to add my bears but don't forget to keep an eye out for additions. I have given my website a well needed update.......................I have also realised that it takes as much time to market ones bears as it does to make them!!!! I really need to win the lottery, pay the mortgage off and live this life all the time but with milk, potatoes, bread.......etc LOLOLOL
Beary Hugs for now
Sue xxxxx

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