Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Vinage bear thoughts

Isn't this picture just sumptuous ????
This is my new stash of vintage fabrics that I purchased from Barbara Ann at Norbeary Fabrics, I had hoped to have a finished bear for Kelham on Sunday but time is ever my enemy, LOL.
It oozes quality, very yummy indeed.
As you can imagine I am very busy sewing stuffing and screaming, I am off this week and what seemed like plenty of time is now turning into not enough.
At the beginning of this week I read a great discussion on a teddy forum about giving up work and making bears full time............................oh the life, the dream. What would you do?
My instant answer was YES, as much as I love my day job, I just really don't have enough time, I do things in bits, a bit of web update, a bit of forum, a bit of creating, a bit of shopping, a lot of get my drift. I end up feeling frustrated that I am not giving enough time to each of those bits. As I read through the replies on this discussion I was struck by the difference in replies..................the have's and the have not's................myself being in the have not group. Those that were making bears full time, the have's, were happier but the strain of the bears being their main income, at times, was incredible. The have not's were very like me, not enough time but the pressure was not the same and making bears was still very much a freedom of expression, so what is best.................................yep you guessed it, winning the lottery and making bears full time!!!! Until that point I will continue to juggle my bears in the air and feel the strain of time but as for the pressure, I will be grateful that my life does not depend on how many bears I sell, or make.

Oh and don't forget if you are Nottinghamshire way, please say hello, I will be the harried, stressed one at the Kelham Doll and Bear fair on Sunday
I love to chat, so be prepared


Southern Bears said...

Sue, my feeling about making bears for my primary income? No, the pleasure would be removed. However, I would love to make bears full time, just for the pleasure of bears! For now, the bears are my therapy.
Good luck for your Fair ... lucky lady.

Pat xx

customteddys said...

Hi Sue,

I struggle with this all the time and have been on both sides of the fence. Although bears are my primary source of income now (other than a small retirement check) I still find that they seem to be the last thing on my list of to dos. Everyone elses needs seem to come before my own. I struggle with the stress of making enough bears; keeping up on the blog; keeping up with my website; taking care of my family; and still enjoying the creativity of it all. Isn't life wonderful?! Hugs, Vicki

FenBeary Folk said...

Pat, they are my therapy too, its wonderful to loose yourself in the pleasure, xx
Vicki, LOL that would be me, I have spent 1 1/2 days of my precious time sorting my daughters laptop, after being wiped clean and taken her shopping for the day, UM!!! so that's 2 1/2 days out of 8 gone, LOL. Well what are mum's for?