Friday, 20 August 2010

The Gravy train

OK stop the gravy train I wanna get off..............................
.....................................this week has been, not exactly the week from hell but one of those week where if it's gonna go wrong then it will. (Off on hols tomorrow-car and caravan)
The car !!!!! well last Sunday we found a nail, a whopper, in a good tyre, nails never ever choose a good tyre, do they! So panic stations, Lady Luck was on our side and a whole rim and tyre were on ebay and they were just down the road...........30 miles ish, more to do! Low and behold, Wednesday night we found the spare was flat, so I have got to go and get that fixed today (my nice bear making day ruined!!!!)
The Caravan!!!!!Curtains you may remember we shredded the lining, well I still hadn't had time to make them and not being one to throw caution to the wind and moon passers-by, thought it was best to get them done asap, hah! what a joke, I finally managed to get round to sewing yesterday morning, a few words of caution on this matter, if EVER you are in a position to have to (why would you volunteer to make some, I would never know) The poppers are a *!@@?/ nightmare, they must have been invented by a man because your sewing foot is just too wide to fit neatly down the side and keep the stitches in contact with the plastic. So just to recap every 3 inches your machine veers wildly off the rails and gets stuck. Anyway I battled on and finished 1, LOLOLOL Now for the important bit, I knew they had shrunk a bit but thought I had just enough inches to reach............................hahahaha and you know what thought did!! You guessed it they were 1/2 inch too short..................moral of the tale NEVER EVER WASH CARAVAN CURTAINS
I had to make a trip to the caravan shop, on Sunday my hubby bought me a new porch awning, it really is super dooper, my old one was way too small, you could not swing a cushion in it (we don't swing cats in our house, I am allergic to them) this new one goes the full length and is fabulous BUT one of the upright was broken so I had to go back and get a new one the next day, as well as the chemical toilet flush that I forgot, LOLOL

The other main event of this week is my daughter AS results, now you may remember a year ago she dropped a successful BTEC course that would have given her the equivalent of 2 A's at A level, against the college's advice....................well she got 2 C's and a D, she is gutted, she had hoped for more but I am thrilled, she left school with just 3 GCSE's at B's and C's so not bad going in my book and she came tops in history.

This is Abigail, she is about 12 inches and will be with me at the Nottingham Bear Fair on Bank Holiday Monday, it's a great fair with some fabulous bear makers attending and its FREE

..................and don't forget Peaches, she is my free giveaway to my Mailing List, you still have time to sign up as her draw is on 1st September
Beary Hugs
Sue xxx

PS Bear stuff first in Caravn..................priorities LOLOL
PPS If you are in the Moffat area and see an eclipse, its not me honest, I will sort curtains!!


little scruffs said...

Oh poor you Sue. Well I hope you have a fantastic holiday, xxxx

FenBeary Folk said...

Well I'm back and lets just say draw a line under that one !!!!!