Sunday, 1 March 2009

Dyeing (yummy) and housework (yuck) !!!

I arrived home on Friday night to find a note from the postman...........a parcel, yipee.......................well I had 2 choices, it could be my fabric from Susan at Bear Basics or my long awaited fabric from Sassy Bears . I didn't think it was my fabric from Susan, way to quick. So off we trots to town, luckily the depot is open Saturday morning. Well it was both parcels, I couldn't believe it, I only ordered from Susan Wednesday dinner, wow that's was very quick. Thanks ;)

I floated round the supermarket dreaming of little hand dyed traditional bears and trying to form a pattern in my head for the Sassy.................needless to say I am not sure if I ended up with all the supplies I needed hehe!! LOL hey-ho

On Sunday the great plan was to try the hand dyeing, very easy to do, just mix and microwave. Well maybe the doing is the easy bit and the "getting the colour just right" is the hard you can say that again. More later...........first I had to get past "the housework"

I have come to the conclusion that I would be a top contender for an award for not doing housework, is there one?? The Slovenly Maid Award here I come. Now don't get me wrong my pots are clean, my toilet is clean etc but its the corners and the dust, OH the dust. Anyway there's me sat pre-dye mode finishing a little bear in a lovely violet colour, oh the bliss of Sunday morning. Hubby is in painting mode and in the bathroom, having decided to paint the ceiling, ok whatever floats your boat, honey. I lasted all of 20 minutes before the cry came (why is it men cannot do things alone) off I goes to investigate and find a light shade thrust in my face, "wash this". Ok I can do that................foot pads not finished yet!!!! Armed with a damp sponge I sets to. OMG, the dust, it was that bad I swear they (dust mites) had build skyrise flats in the creases, it was so thick. Like a hurricane I swept them away and that was the moment I decided I needed the "Sloven Award of the year". HEHE!!! like I said to hubby, you knew 20 years ago when you married me, I was not kitchen sink slave, his reply.............well lets just say NOT REPEATABLE. Before you all tut at me in disgust, just remember years ago our mothers kept house, yes they washed in twin tubs and used non steam irons, walked 100 miles to the shops in bare feet BUT they didn't work................................gosh thats another topic isn't it, Modern woman vs House slave!!!

I finally took the opportunity to dye my bit of sparse, I went for Arctic Green Apple with a smidgen of Tamarindo (the brown to you) heavy handed!!! just a little, a smidgen too much I think. The result as my daughter so eloquently put it "like a rotten apple core" YES I cried that was what I was after (snigger here) like hell it was, I was aiming for an apple green with a hint of brown. Back to the mixing bowl for me.................................Hubby was last seen on the stairs, having finished the bathroom ceiling, he started on the stairs, bless him and you know what he doesn't drink or like football either, what more could a girl ask for?????


All Bear said...

Oh Sue, you really found one that truly doesn't like footy? Oh my goodness, you lucky lucky lady!!!! I have the polar opposite ... groan! Dyeing looks fun ... will look forward to seeing the bears when they are done.

customteddys said...

Hi Sue, Well your comments made me laugh... hubby can find a hundred things for me to do when I'm trying to work on bears.... oh he does like football, too; I guess the compromise is that I am a basketball nut so he tolerates me and I tolerate the name of love. ha. And speaking of love, I love your blog! Take care, Hugs from Vicki and the Bears