Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Betrayal and A Commission Bear

I am cut to the quick, I have been betrayed by my own flesh and blood. The incident occurred on Sunday, I decided to take a bath, not a regular thing as I normally have a shower, quicker. Anyway I had a lovely Mothers Day, I went to see my mum and delivered her a bear that she had been eyeing for awhile and she was delighted. Hubby was painting the living room, so he was happy, like a pig in muck. When we got back I checked my usual pc for emails and posts etc, that is when I made my fatal error, I left my blog OPEN and went for a bath....................................................needless to say nosey parkers were about in the shape of our daughter!!!!!! She decide to see what her mum had been posting, oops!!!! She only went and read out my last post about hubby's training to hubby :(

So this is a message from my darling Husband "I have not undergone any training, I am naturally a loving caring supportive Husband, in fact a model for others to aspire to. I have no problems doing most of the housework, while my adorable wife makes her bears. It is a lie that I curse the mohair in my sandwiches nor do I refer to my wife's bear making as a "hobby". I ask you to refute any further adverse posts in my honour" YEAH RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the beary front, this little fella was finished this weekend and duly delivered yesterday to his new mum, he doesn't have a name yet. I hope you like him.


Patricia said...

Oh Sue! He is absolutely delightful. Lucky new mum.

Warm hugs from the hot South


FenBeary Folk said...

Thank you so much Pat
Its turned cold here again so I am quite envious of your sun
Sue xxx

customteddys said...

Hi Sue, I must say that the note from your Hubby made me smile :) and I love your bear, of course. Hugs from me (Vicki and the bears)

FenBeary Folk said...

Thanks Vicki, Yeas hubby was a tad amusing!!! he moans constantly
Huggies back at you
Sue xx