Thursday, 2 April 2009


I would like you to meet Lily, she is a friend for Periwinkle.
I delivered her to her new mum yesterday and she is now happily playing with her new friend.

I have been soooooooooooooo busy both at work and at home but tonight I am off work till the 16th April, don't get me wrong I love my job BUT a full time job doesn't go well with getting ready for a show. I vow each time I will be organised and be ready, it never seems to happen!!! Why is laid plans and all that hehe!!! My current situation is 2 complete bears, 3 bears need finishing, 5 bears part sewn, 3 bears waiting to be cut out and about 10 in my head, I have 11 days to go. The maths just don't add up, do they? I don't mind telling you I am starting to get stressed, one of my biggest problems is I am always trying to work out what collectors will like and I always feel that I miss it somehow. It's a case of shall I make that bear or that one or that one and I end up feeling that which ever one I choose I should be making another one, boy my head is just swimming, if anyone has the answer...................................I beg you tell me.

On the health front, I am feeling much better. I went and had a mini blood test (to check my kidney function) last week and having realised that they had not given me enough pills in the first place, put in an order prior to my visit. Boy what a drama, it transpires the "locum" I saw originally had not put on my records that I should up my dose after 2 weeks, so a lot of tutting and doctor consults went on, to see if I was allowed further medication. Now why would I double my medication without the doctor telling me too, I ask you!!!! Well eventually they agreed, under protest I add, I went back on Monday to find out the results and surprise surprise I did need the higher dose and my blood pressure is now at 138 over 84, which is amazing, no wonder I feel so much better, less tight heads, more energy and less down.........................................I was found Sunday morning dancing to Hot Chocolate's I believe in miracles, much to hubbies amusement!!!!!! At this rate I will be dancing on the ceiling in weeks, well maybe not.

I will hopefully have a few little one to show you over the next week, so keep paying me a visit and if you are in my neighbourhood then why not come and see me at The Nottingham Bear Fair
I will be the mad lady dancing in the aisles!!!!!


Patricia said...

Sue, I absolutely adored Periwinkle and Lily is just as gorgeous. Why don't you create a family, I'm sure that collectors will love them.
Good luck for your fair.

Pauline said...

It's good you got some time off work Sue, with only a few bears done, you need the extra time. It's amazing how many you will get done with no work. Good luck

ps. Lily is gorgeous

BumbleVee said...

little Lilly is so cute, and I love her scarf....I can't knit or crochet, so I have envy in that department....sigh...the colours are lovely. I named my latest doll Peri for her periwinkle clothing....hahahha.... love the colour.... now I'm off to try to find the periwinkle one....