Friday, 17 April 2009

An Old Bear - William

I would like you to meet William, now he is very special to me. Why??? I adore old looking bears and have wanted to "have a go" for ages. I think each artist must have, in their head, the idea of the perfect bear that they would like to make, some aim for a modern bear but for me I have wanted to try ageing a bear since I started this wonderful journey. The thought of where to start has, to be honest, put me off, the idea that you have to desecrate a gorgeous piece of mohair by plucking and "painting" is a really difficult thing to get a handle on, but as the burning need has been gathering a pace for many months now, I decided to just go for it.
William is the first, I have to say the little imp gave me bruises from the plucking and earned me scowls from the other members of the household!!! what do they know??? Back to William, he is a handsome fella at just over 11 inches and I have distressed him, which doesn't really show in the sunny pictures, he is floppy with a nice heavy feel and a wobbly head. I am not sure where to place him, he may venture onto ebay at the weekend (Sunday).

If you are interested in giving William a home, then please do email me for details etc and I will try to take some less sunny pics hehe!!!


Patricia said...

I agree with you that the idea of virtually destroying a gorgeous piece of mohair is unthinkable! But I also want to make an old bear and perhaps I'll pluck up the courage of of these days. However, William is a very handsome fellow. Well done.

CubbyHole Cubs said...

William is've got more guts than I have with your mohair! :)

Andrea xx

customteddys said...

He looks wonderful, Sue. Like he is begging to be held for a while. Good show! Hugs from Vicki and the bears