Monday, 20 April 2009

Ebay and A Raffle Win

William on ebay
Well I have finally listed William on ebay for 7 days, ending on Sunday night at 7.29pm. I have started him at 99p with a reserve at £55, no takers yet but I do have several watchers. But boy was it a hassle to list him, burnt dinner ensued!!!! I use Activa listing template and since my last listing in February they have changed it all and I lost all my templates!!! So I decided to just go with ebay this time, ok higher fees but at least it would be done in time to dish up dinner!!! Not so, I couldn't put my arrow in the description box at all, no matter how hard I tried, it was not having any of it. I have to admit to loosing my temper at this point and we had charcoal chicken for lunch.........................a new flavour!!!!! I eventually gave up and tried again later with Auctiva and it all worked, I can never firgure computers out they baffle me. I am not sure if he will sell, he is gorgeous and I am very happy with him but ebay and I don't have a great selling relationship, buying is a different matter. I seem to see bargains everywhere, especially when I am broke, like now. The so called "credit crunch" bit us in the poverbial butt last September and like everyone else I feel we are paying for the mistakes made by our banks. Don't get me on this one as I will be on my soap box for days, hehe!!! BUT why are the credit card companies INCREASING their interest rates when the Bank of England has reduced the base rate to vertually zero!!!! Come on Gordon Brown most of us home owners locked our mortgages into fixed rates!!! So has the drop in rates been helpful, NO!!!! Of soap box, yes you can do it gal, just step off ;)

Anyway I had a very busy weekend, on Saturday I rushed off shopping at 9am and did a supermarket sweep in 20 minutes, rushed home, unloaded shopping and loaded the car with my beary things. I have to say I was cursing "him who has man flu" all the way round, he insisted the shopping was done before I went off for the afternoon.
Ok let me back track a few months, I was asked if I would like to exhibit in a local craft fair, by a lovely lady called Avril, who is one of my daughters Kung Fu teachers. I said "yes, no probs, just let me know when.........................!" Well it was Saturday, so grumpy (hubby by another name) was none too happy, you see I had my quota of days out (1) for the last 3 months when I went to Nottingham on Bank Holiday Monday, only 5 days previous, how dare I???!!!!
So off I trots, now I didn't actually expect to sell anything and to be truthful that was not the point, I was on the artist bear promotions trail. It was a lovely afternoon and no, I didn't sell but I had loads of lovely questions and conversations about bears and "what an artist bear was". I donated a bear for the raffle and was very pleased when he was picked on the 3rd ticket, although a little girl won the first ticket and nearly picked him up, much to the dismay of several watchers but Quality Streets were her choice in the end. In the end he went to a very nice lady, who I had spend a good while in conversation earlier. At these things, I have a history of never winning anything and as more and nore tickets were pulled, the object of my desires sat there taunting me and I just knew we were destined not to be together...........................................................................................but I WON and grabbed this painting as fast as fast can be, It is painted by Avril of Kung Fu and it just classy, don't you think?

So the moral for today, give yourself freely, as you never know what will happen!!!!! I had another little surprise in the post when I got home, but more of that later!!!
Feel free to pay William a visit, he will be happy to see you in cold ebayland, his link is just below his picture.
Huggies for now
Sue xx


Patricia said...

Hi Sue, I had a peek at William on e-bay. You have presented him so well and I wish you luck with the adoption.

Pauline said...

Hi Sue, William is gorgeous, he will do great on ebay I'm sure. It can be a nightmare listing and Auctive should make things easier but sometimes that dosent work properly or is slow and it always seems to be Sundays or when most people list. Good luck anyway.


CubbyHole Cubs said...

Hope you do well on ebay Sue, no reason why this gorgeous little guy shouldn't sell. As for the charcoal chicken mmmmm perhaps next time Walkers are asking for new crisp flavours you could nominate that one lol :)

Andrea xx

customteddys said...

Hi Sue! I think that William will warm up "cold" eBay! Good luck! (I get a kick out of your talk of hubby.... you make me smile inside and outside). Hugs from Vicki

Ruth said...

I'm so glad you won something Sue - love the painting ; lucky you ! I think you make a great beary ambassador too :0)
William is a huggy , sweet chap - Good Luck with him !
Huggies , Ruth