Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Nottingham Bear Fair

I just thought I would show you some of my piccies from the Nottingham Bear Fair, which was on Bank Holiday Monday and boy was it a great day. I sold a quite a few bears and the crowds were eager and plenty. It did tail off in the afternoon but the morning was buzzing. I made some new friends and met with some old ones, a good day was had by all. Nottingham is only a small venue and is a little strange as everyone can't fit in the main building, so they use a log cabin as you enter the main car park, that was were I was. I was a little disappointed but actually I think we were busier than the main building, plus you do get a bigger table.
I caught up with Andrea of Cubbyhole Cubs, Vicki of Baggaley Bears and Jenni's Bears (get that website done). I met Sue Quinn, which was a delight and her hedgehogs...............well they are just so sweet and such a lovely lady, as was Emily of Martha Makes, she makes the most sweetest bears and so tiny.
On the collector's side I had a great long chat with a lady called Julie (?? sorry I so am rubbish at names) I was sorry I missed her at the end, as by the time she had finished talking to me she had bought her first kit.........................good for you and I hope she gets in touch to let me know how she gets on....................even if I have her name wrong.

I do think that hats off to Maria who organised a great fair and really pushed on the advertising front, as most of us had a good sales day. I was a little worn out at the end as to be honest I did not stop talking all day.................hehe!! shy type that I am. Kat from Brierley Bears came for a visit and bless her she has booked for August so that will be great as I can't wait to see her bears. It was also a thrill to meet Barbara of Barbara Ann Bears and she is the nicest person you could wish to meet, she had amazing bright orange hair to match her kaftan top but boy was I thrilled when she said she had seen and heard of me, we had a cracking conversation about eyes and I will be winging my way to her website for some old eyes and some vintage fabric, it maybe slightly more expensive but that stuff is pure gold. Well I am sure by now that you get the picture and if you haven't been before, its certainly one to peg in your dairy.

I did promise a picture of Herbie last week and I got so carried away making bears last week that I didn't get round to it, there is always one more to do, isn't there?
So here is Herbie, he is about 4 inches and has a hand knitted scarf of fine mohair.
He will be going onto my website sometime this week at £25 plus postage of £5. So if you would like to give Herbie a home please contact me via email (top left of my blog) and he could be your new friend.
Added 16/04/09: I have just added Herbie to my website so if you would like to take a peak, here is a link FenBeary Folk

So got to go for now, as back at work today!!!!! It goes so quick, time flies is so true.


Pauline said...

Hi Sue, glad you had a good day. Pictures are lovely and so are the bears. Sounds like a show to think about in the future.


Patricia said...

Well Hello Sue! Your bears are lovely - it appears that you made quite a number of larger bears?? I'm so pleased that your show was such a success.


FenBeary Folk said...

Thanks Girls. It was a great day and yes my table was full of both very large bears and very small ones. I just love a big bear, hehe!!!
Sue xx

All Bear said...

Yay!!!!! All's well that ends well!!!! I'm so pleased this show worked out for you Sue. Table looks good by the way!

FenBeary Folk said...

Yes it did Paula and thanks so much for your words of wisdom, you are a star.
Glad you like the table.............was worried I was getting tooooo carried away, hardly any room for the bears hehe!!!
Sue xxx

CubbyHole Cubs said...

Hey Sue, great to catch up with you at patchings, glad you had a great day. Your little chubby pink bear was fantastic, hope you sold lots more...I noticed she'd gone:) Well done.

Andrea x

Anonymous said...

so cute!:)))))I love it! That's actually really cool!