Sunday, 8 March 2009

My Swap Bear

I can finally give you all details of the swap that I have taken part in. The idea is really neat and was organised by Peta of Wazza Bears on a teddy forum I belong to, Teddy Talk. Your names get drawn and paired with fellow Bear Artist and you then make a bear for that person. Now you may think that any ole bear will do but not so, as we artist are lovely people we all try to make the very best bear we can to send to our partners. Peta did an exceptional job she managed to pair artist very sympathetically and it was a great success.
So here is the bear that I received. He came from Sheryl Morrow of S M Designs and Gone to the Dogs, here is a link to her website, she makes fantastic dogs as well as bears, a talented lady. Well here is Shaiming, which means Sunshine and that he is, he came with a lovely wooden box and a necklace, just gorgeous, isn't he.
He is my very first artist bear and is sitting proudly amongst my Steiff's, its funny as it turned out it was Sheryl's first artist bear as well, which was special for both of us.

My bear to Sheryl, after a little fishing and a few discrete questions. I decided to make Sheryl a fairy bear and so Fidget Elfwand was born. Sheryl was so patient with me as the wings do take quite a long time to complete and then she was in transit for nearly 2 weeks, I can tell you I was getting worried that Sheryl didn't like her BUT I was so happy when the delay was the post offices and Sheryl was over the moon. So here is Fidget.............................
She is made from a peachy/pink Schulte mohair/silk, it difficult to tell from the piccie but she is shaded all over to compliment the wings. You can see why I rarely take pics outside, windswept or what!!!!Bless her, she is happy with her new mom and as for me I am delighted and will be taking part in further swaps.

Beary Hugs
Sue xx


Patricia said...

Hi Sue, your little Fidget is gorgeous. What a lucky lady to receive this little fairy in a swop. However, the Panda is beautiful too and I think you both ended up being winners. Well done!

Warm hugs from the South.

FenBeary Folk said...

We certainly ended up winners Pat.
It was both a nerve racking and wonderful experience.
Sue xx

Pauline said...

Wonderful little bears, what a brilliant swop.


Sandy said...

Such beautiful swap items! You were so very lucky. I usually end up with junk when I swap, so I'm afraid to do it any more. You and your swap partner know what the true spirit of swapping is.

FenBeary Folk said...

Thanks Pauline, it certainly was a wonderful swap.

Sandy I am sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience with swaps, its a shame as its such an enjoyable thing to do.
Sue xx