Friday, 6 March 2009

Black Thursday update

Firstly I would like to say a huge thanks to all of you who posted and sent messages of support, its so nice to have cyber friends who care.

Ok Black Thursday turned into a storm in a teacup day, thank god. My mum is fine, it turns out she had calcium deposits that had been there on her last test 3 years ago, so everyone was extremely relieved. They had not changed at all so the Doc felt there was no need to do any further tests.

Our daughter got stood up!!! We are not sure what happened at the moment but her reply was "his loss" I did point out that in my day people phoned, it was the polite thing to do, then I saw the look that only a daughter will give a mother and decided I was turning into the mother of the above mentioned tests, at that point I beat a hasty retreat and kept gob shut. I have promised her a gooey cake today, she works with me today, from the local bakery and promised her that a cake with loads of cream is far better than any lad any day, having received the withered look I now got the rolled eye look. I told her she will agree with me one day.

Now my turn, I have the pills and start to take them today, they are called Perindopril which I understand can give you a cough, so will have to watch for that one. I have to start with a low dose and increase in 2 weeks, with further blood test in 3 weeks. All the other tests, liver, kidney, diabetes etc were NORMAL yipee. I think the doctor was a little surprised at how good everything else was, my colesterol was 3.1.............................yes 3.1. Having been told the other week by the doctor that we will have to think of foods that will lower my colesterol, I had to smile to myself when she look a tad surprised it was so low.
You see I am not a small woman, in fact I weigh...............ok honesty here about 18 stone. People will judge a book by its cover won't they, obesity is unhealthy. I have been overweight/obese all my life and until 5 years ago I never understood why. I then came across a healthy eating plan by a Californian Heart Doctor. I followed his teaching and understood for the first time in my life the why's. After 2 weeks I lost 15lbs, after a year I lost 6 stone. I discovered that I am allergic to wheat, it doesn't give me a rash or any other side effects other than obesity and an irritable bowel. Surfice it to say the Doctors didn't believe me and constantly asked me if I had cut the chocolate and crisps!!!!! Well then the headaches started and I found that without bread they were twice as bad, so on went the weight again.
Today I feel more positive and after this medication is sorted I plan to go back to this eating plan again, so stay tuned and you can follow me on the diet and see how I get on, in about 2 weeks.
So all's well in the Pemblington House today....................tomorrow is another day, hehehe!

Oh and my dad was well cheesed off as he brags to mum that his colereol is only 5 and hers is higher, so she is now saying "Its not as low as our Susan's" sorry dad

Thanks again all of you and I hope you all have a lovely nice day
Huggies Sue xx


Patricia said...

Good show Sue. I'm pleased to hear that all is well that side of the world. Have a fabulous weekend.

Warm hugs and xx

FenBeary Folk said...

Thanks Patricia, warm huggies back at!!!! young lady, do you have one yet
Sue xxxx

customteddys said...

You are such a sweet lady.. I'm glad all is well in your world for the moment. Keep your good attitude and you will be blessed! XX00 Vicki and the Bears

All Bear said...

Good to hear you smiling again Sue! As for that lad, no manners and no sense ... onwards and upwards Sue's daughter! Cake day eh? What a lovely idea!

Kelly said...

I am so sorry you have all been having such a difficult time! I hope things get better very soon!

I would be interested in knowing the name of that book you read? You might also have your thyroid checked if you haven't already.

Hugs, Kelly

FenBeary Folk said...

Hi Kelly, the book is The South Beach Diet by Dr Agagston
Sue xx

Kelly said...

Thank you, I will check into that. I know I have a lot of food allergies, and I have to wonder if that's why I can't lose a few pounds.

FenBeary Folk said...

Hi Kelly, I am sorry to hear you have allergies. I found cutting wheat was easy but you have to be so careful it's in a lot of things. I found having followed the regime for 2 weeks, the profound difference in my health after eating wheat again for just a day was mind blowing. If you want to ask any questions don't hesitate
Sue xx

Pauline said...

Oh Sue, you hope everything works out ok for you with the medicines. Just read your last post too and can understand the worry about your daughter, mind you I don't think you ever stop worrying about them, it is natural but after losing your little boy you will be more anxious.

Take care