Monday, 16 March 2009

Sunshine and Wilton

What a glorious weekend, such a contrast to a few weeks ago when we had snow and more snow.
I had a lovely weekend, my head behaved itself and I was able to get so much done, no not housework, I went food shopping Saturday morning while hubby did a few chores. I came back to a tidy house and washing on the the line. Now before you all groan with envy, it has taken me awhile to get to this level of training, by being firm you can achieve success. I must admit though winning an award did help, my "hobby" took on a new meaning for him after that. I am on the count down to Nottingham on Easter Monday, 4 weekends to go. Sunday was an even better day and I sat outside trimming, I hate this chore, fluff everywhere but at least in the sunshine I can let the mohair waft across the grass, the birds nests in our area are mohair lined. Do you like the view, this is out the front of the house and what a view. When we moved in nearly 8 years ago, the hedges were about 15 ft high and it was all gravel??? Never understand why anyone would want to live in the country and not enjoy the natural surroundings, suffice it to say the hedges didn't last long

On the beary front I finished 3 wee mini's, I am debating clothing the other 2, a lilac one and a lovely green one, so I can't show you them yet. This is Wilton, so called after those lovely carpets, he is velvety too the touch and I have painted/aged him. He is 4 inches tall and a skinny bear. I have so far been making the usual fatter chubby mini's and thought I would challange myself by going for something a little more traditional. Boy was he fiddly but worth it, I have another piece of this fabric which is more on the russet tones, so I will be making another in this style, called.................Axminster, hehehe! LOL!

Hope you all have a beary good day, huggies Sue xxx


Patricia said...

You are such a lucky girl to be living in the country! What wouldn't I give??
Wilton is very, very sweet and so unusual.

Hugs from the South.

Pauline said...

A lovely little bear Sue and what a great and calming view you have, must be a real treat to sit there and sew in the summer.


Vicki said...

Awww Wilton is really cute. Keep up the good work, cant wait to see your bears at Patchings

Vicki xx

FenBeary Folk said...

Ah girls, thank you so much. I am looking forward to Nottingham so much but I am not sure if I will have many bears, keep selling them, hehe!!!
Beary Hugs
Sue xx

customteddys said...

Hi Sue! It's fun to see where you live! Glad the headaches are at bay for a while (I mean forever!). Your little Wilton is very dapper! Hugs from Vicki and the bears

Laurie said...

Lovely view from your garden Sue.I too would have chopped the bushes down.Why hide a view like that and not enjoy it.Lucky you!!!