Thursday, 12 March 2009

Tablets and mohair

Well Hi everyone, just wanted to give you all a quick update on the old pills that the doc gave me last week, was supposed to be posting this all this morning but guess what NO INTERNET!!!!! Luckily this time it is not PC related, its handy having a laptop and an ipod touch in the house, you can check these things. It did not prevent my soapbox rantings whilst driving to work this morning though, I mean really in this day and age you would think that BT and the internet providers would get their act together and update all our flippin cables, so this inconvenience doesn't soapbox hehe!
The pills are great, I had a few minor side effects, the first few days but after that they have seemed to settle down. I am not sure if I am having a placebo grace period, as I seem to have bags of energy, scarily so. Yes I know shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth but......................I am so used to feeling, well knackered and now I feel great. I feel positive to the point of conquering the world. Them damned placebo's hehehe!!!!!

On the beary front, I have gone from OMG feeling I'm not going to get it all done to yay bring it on. I have been working on 2 mini patterns, one completely new. I have cut and sewn a commission bear (3 more to go) and also cut 2 12 inch bears. Nottingham is 4 weeks on Monday and boy is time running out. I have decided that organisation is the key, so if I sew one mini limb a day ;) then I will get there. I wish I could have taken a piccie of all the spare parts, they are sat on my desk at home in a huge pile. I have some very unusual Sassy fabric that I am really looking forward to showing you, I do like a bit of something different, it stretches the mind.
I am also on the look out for a bookcase/display for my minis, something in cream I think but gosh its hard to find anything, so far I have done Homebase, Matalan and TK Max, tonight is Dunelm's turn, wish me look.
Oh and I have also booked a week off just before Easter to make more bears (happy dancing here)
Beary hugs and byes for now
Sue xx


customteddys said...

What a combination! But it sounds like one works well with the other and your energy level is up.. so go with it and I'm glad you are feeling "up" again! Vicki and the bears.

FenBeary Folk said...

Thanks Vicki