Friday, 27 February 2009

My tears for Candy Floss

Well not quite tears, the Candy Floss in the title is a bear I made just under a year ago, gosh that long. When I had finished her I was so so proud, why cos she was had a unique nose and it was the first time I felt I could do this craft, no I mean really really crack this wonderful, fantastic huggable world of bears.
Anyway she went to her new home Joan, she is a great woman, real and like me has a bit of life thrown at her sometimes. I am not sure why I decided to part with her having made the decision to keep Candy all that long ago, I suppose I felt Candy deserved better than being on my shelf, looking after all the new bears that came along and went, seemed a bit unfair to her in the end. I know Joan will love her to bits, so Candy is finally where she belongs, to be hugged and loved by a lady who was the first to meet her, can't get better than that, can you? It would have been cruel to have kept her.
This morning, I am reminded of a friends (I would like to think she is, cos she is a fantastic artist and has my utmost respect) plight to find a bear from her early days, having sold all the bears she made, she dearly wishes that she had kept a bear from those days.................................I wonder how many other artists wish they had kept a bear. You see you never end up making a bear for yourself, I am not sure why that is. Maybe like me, bringing pleasure to others is more important than anything else. Not a bad thing.
Anyway thanks Joan for giving Candy Floss the love she deserves.

Other news um!!!! No fabric yet???? Two weeks now, so hopefully they will arrive today from the US. I can't wait, I just hope Mr Customs man hasn't decided that my parcel is suspect and is holding said parcel for ransom. The other thing I have been looking into for awhile now is hand dyeing, so I was really really bad and ordered some ivory sparse from Susan at Bear Basics . I then went in search of some Kool aid, its an American drink that dyes natural fibres in soft colours. I liked the idea of these as you can control the amount of drink you use and therefore control the colour outcome, no doubt the fabric will arrive today and the drink will arrive next week, just so I can't play this weekend!!!!

I am also finally an artist bear collector. I took part in a bear swop....................................more about that next week, when my bear arrives in the US, wouldn't be right to show you a piccie when she hasn't arrived at her new moms yet :)

Well Huggies for now
Sue xx

PS damned headache is still with me !!!!!!


Patricia said...

Hi Sue, I really enjoy your posts and love your little bears! I started making bears and collecting artist bears three months ago. I am now completing my 11th bear and am still agonising over the fact that my bears are so far from "good", nevermind "perfect". How far down the line in your bear making life did you sell your first bear and through which medium? I need some thing to hang onto here.

FenBeary Folk said...

Hi Pat, I am so glad you like my ramblings hehe! I sold bear number 2, I had to, couldn't afford to fund my gathering mohair addiction, so I closed my eyes and went for it, sorry sounds very big headed of me but believe me it wasn't. Look if you want to email me please do, if you click on my profile, my email address should be there or go through to my website :) and if I can help I you have a website???
Huggies Sue xx

customteddys said...

Hi Sue,

I totally understand about your sweet Candy Floss. It became easier for me to let go of my bears after I got a digital camera and began taking quality photos of them. I do have some early bears... in fact I found some of them at the Salvation Army here in Juneau. I thought of it as a blessing that they were returning home after their journey. Hugs from Vicki and the Bears