Friday, 6 February 2009

Snow Days!!!!

Well I am on my fourth Snow day. I did manage to get to work on Wednesday but the lovely fluffy white stuff reappeared yesterday morning, so no go again. This piccie was taken on Monday, mid afternoon and it doesn't look too bad, except it's 2 1/2 miles to the main road, has big dykes either side and four 90 degree bends on it!!!! By Tuesday it was the same but solid ice had formed on the partially melted bits. Thursday saw us awake to a blizzard and a bigger covering than Monday. This morning we have had our first snow fall of the day, its very very cold and the road is worse than Tuesday, so bear making here I come :)
My bosses are fantastic and take the view its not worth the risk and as most of us do live some distance from the town, the office has been shut for most of the week, thank god it was not last week (tax return deadline week) or we would have had a problem.
Last night I happened to catch a bit of Question Time, not my usual programme but as the weather had just been on and they announced that Will Young was on the programme, I left it on. Not that I am a huge fan of Will but wondered what on earth a singer/pop star was doing on that kind of programme. Well the first topic for discussion was the SNOW, surprise surprise. Did the government feel they had failed us by the country grinding to a halt? or something like that and How did they feel now the UK was a laughing stock?
Laughing stock!!!!! by whom, apparently we are expected to be organised like Russia and Canada, why!!!! The Labour politician, Geoff Hoon, gave a very good don't think I am getting all political on you all, he just happened to point out that did we really want an army of snow ploughs on standby for the next major snow fall, say in another 10 to 15 years, our taxpayers money via council tax would have to pay for this????? NO I flipping well don't want my council to waste money that way, the last time I had to have a day off was about 5 years ago and it was 1 day, so it's not worth the expense in my opinion. Well back to Will Young, they went all around the table and each politician used the opportunity to slap the government over its handling of the situation!!!!Typical. The subject of what we teaching our children by this disgusting display of mass "stay at home" came up, shock horror, all our kids will grow up to give up at the slightest little thing. Well tell that to those kids that have mum's and dad's who have been in bad accidents these last few days, its ok son at least you now know that you have to try to get to work, even if it kills you. Finally the popstar was asked for his opinion................................For goodness sake he said, its snow, whats the problem, so the kids are off a few days, most have never seen that much snow, let alone build a snowman and had snowball fights with their parents or gone sledging. He remembered fond memories of when he was little.
So I say, memories thats what life is about. What kind of country have we become that a few innocent days playing in the snow should be marred by do-gooders saying "Thouht shall go to school" and Question Time have Will Young on again, he spoke more sense than the rest of them put together


customteddys said...

We all need to learn how to take the time to smell the roses (or play in the snow). Our world sometimes spins too fast and we all need to learn to take a break. I agree wholeheartedly. Hugs, Vicki

CubbyHole Cubs said...

At last someone who talks sense...I never thought it'd be Will Young though...can we make him PM...Phuleeeezzzzzeeeee?

Hugs Andrea