Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Well here is Crumble, my latest commission bear. He is about 6 inches tall and gorgeous, if you don't mind me saying, hehe! I just fell in love with him but he was not mine for long as his new mom was waiting to cuddle him. He has gone to a good home and has friends to play with, Cookie and Muffin. I delivered him yesterday dinnertime to Tracey and she was delighted, which was a relief, its such a scary time. Will they, won't they is upper most in your mind. Have I interpreted what she wanted, correctly, I needn't have worried, she really loved him.
He is made from 9mm sparse mohair in a lovely warm creamy beige and has a plucked muzzle. I have extensively hand painted/aged him with a warm brown.
I will definately be making some more of this style, its were my heart is.
I hope you agree :)


CubbyHole Cubs said...

He is gorgeous Sue, your best yet!

customteddys said...

Hi Sue! Part of the joy of making teddies is passing on the love we have for our creations to others. Good for you! Hugs, Vicki