Thursday, 5 February 2009

Teddy Bear Club International changes

Well important news came through my email box today. Teddy Bear Club International has become Teddy Bear Times, I say "becomes" but really it was that many moons ago.
Not that exciting on its own but it will now be bi-monthly, a sign of the times, well maybe.
As a collector I am horrified, we lost Teddy Bear Scene last year and now this, I understand the issues will be a lot bigger and a whole new layout.................glossier, for that I do think this maybe this is a good thing, to have more artists in each issue will be a bonus. More articles and interesting stories, can only be good. I will miss my trek to W H Smiths every month, it will seem an eternity till the next issue and for that I am very sad.
As an advertiser and supporter I am happy, the advertising fees are planning on remaining the same and due to there being 2 months between issues, surely it is easier for us artists to support them and advertise.
I hope that this is not the calm before the storm and we, in the UK, do not loose our last bear magazine. With this in mind, we should support them, when we can. I do hope that Kirste and her team can steer this change over successfully and deliver a truly awesome new format. I am sure she will do her very best, she is after all a dedicated archtoplie first before she is an editor.
Good luck Kirste, Krystyna and all the girls xxx

The next issue will be in the shops 16th March

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Patricia said...

How can a South African bearmaker/collector subscribe to the UK Bear magazines? We seem to be very isolated from the Bear world out there. I would really appreciate some assistance to do this.

Kind regards