Tuesday, 3 February 2009

New Valentine's Bears

This is Peony, a winged fairy bear, who is named after the flower of love in feng shui. She is holding hand embroidered hearts, which look really sweet. She is about 5 inches tall and I am listing her on ebay tonight at a 99p start, I plan to remove her reserve when she gets to £30.
They will finish on Sunday teatime

This is Loveheart and I am really thrilled with her design, she is totally new and has a really sweet face. I named her after those sweets, Lovehearts, I couldn't resist. She just reminds me of them, so much, you know the ones, with little sayings in red on them.
They do still make them, I think.
She is also listed at 99p with a reserve that I will remove at £30. Oh and she is a little bigger at about 6 inches and is made from a very long swirly pink mohair
I will add a link later, when they are finally on ebay

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customteddys said...

They are both sweet. Good luck on your auctions. Hugs, Vicki