Monday, 23 February 2009

A week of !!!!!????

It was half term week here last week, not that it affects me any more as Catherine is old enough to be left at home. Boy is that a tough one, when they get old enough, are they responsible, will they be ok. I have to say I still worry and we text each other on and off all day, so far she has been fine, thank god, strange you may think considering she is 18 in June but at the age of 4 she was diagnosed with epilepsy, so for me leaving her at home 20 miles from where I work was difficult but we have always tried to encourage her to not let this condition hinder her, after all there is alot worse things that she could have. Anyway back to my week, it started really bad as last sunday I came down with another bad head, sunday was a write off and so was monday, which was very annoying as I had a bear to finish for a swop (more of that next week) Well this damned headache didn't go til Thursday afternoon.
I have suffered bad heads for the last 4 years, in the begining it was every weekend, now they appear every 4 to 6 weeks depending on how stressed I am. Bear making has really helped, it can be very therapeutic sewing. I didn't understand why it had lasted so long this time, the first 2 days I couldn't function but luckily it subside enough for me to go to work on tuesday, ther is a moment when I wake that I am completely headache free, its bliss but then by the time I get up and have a shower the old pounding starts, very annoying. I have sinus problems as well and that I am sure doesn't help and the other major thing is blood pressure, this issue has finally come to ahead this week. I visited the nurse last friday for my usual 12 week injection and the nurse said enough was enough that I had raised blood pressure for too long (the past 14 years) It has constantly gone up and then down but now it is permenantly high, so off I trotts to the docs. And there I have my answer to my headache my BP was 170/100 oops, I am to have tests on wednesday, as they can test your blood to determine which tablets are best, neat no trial and error. A few years ago I would have been disappointed that I needed tablets but if it helps this constant fuzzy tight horrible heads then hoorah!!!! I will let you know how I get on next week as I have to wait for a week for the results......................and of course they are testing diabetes, colesterol crossed fingers the rest is ok, she did test my heart and that is fine, thank god.

As for bear making I finally finished my swop bear with Sheryl but you will have to wait for piccies (just until my little bear arrives at Sheryls) I can show you a bear that I have just finished for the Nottingham Bear Fair in April, she is a little sweetie and is called Daisy May, she is made from long white mohair and has a really sweet face.
As you can see the epitome of spring


customteddys said...

Dear Sue, I hope the doc can find the right medication so you can feel better. I love your little bear! Hugs, Vicki

FenBeary Folk said...

Thanks Vicki, I am sure I will feel better but I think I am maybe being a little unrealistic, you can't undo a lifetime overnight
Sue xxx

All Bear said...

I empathise with your worries of your daughter's independence Sue ... mine's diabetic among other things and like you, I've always encouraged independence of spirit so the condition doesn't dominate her life ... so scary when they get all grown up though! I don't think mum's ever stop worrying do they?!

Bumpkin Bears said...

your daughter has a lovely name ;) I do hope that they can sort out all this time of headaches for you. Daisy May is precious :) Hugs, Catherine x