Friday, 28 January 2011

Smelling the roses............well daffodils at this time of year!!!

Today I have decided my life is too full of rush, rush, rush
So I am going to stop and smell the fresh air, it maybe spring air that's coming but I suspect its really a bit of north wind blowing across the fens LOL
It all started last night when I had a call from my mother................would I like to meet for a coffee at lunch today........................I hate to say it my first thoughts were that she wanted to tell me something aweful, all manner of things flitted through my she ok, my dad??? No she assured me, she just thought it would be nice. It was when I put the phone down I thought to my self, what am I doing, running around all the time and not enjoying life, to be fair to myself my life is all drama and tears sometimes so I can be forgiven for thinking the worst BUT it did make me think, so I am going to meet regularly for coffee, I am sure she will be so delighted as I really don't see enough of her.

My beary news.............................I will attending The Great Yorkshire Show held in Sheffield by Katie Rae all accounts its a great fair and I was thrilled to be chosen to exhibit (hubby doesn't know yet LOL)

I have also recently bought loads of lovely ribbon and plain ivory cotton to make those beary knickers

Doesn't it look frilly and frothy!!!
No bears I am afraid, I am waiting on steel shot :(
Beary hugs
Sue xxx


Southern Bears said...

Steel shot ... me too!!!

The frills and flounces look very intriguing ...

Pat xx

FenBeary Folk said...

Oh Pat I am steaming over my steel shot, I bought it 2 weeks ago and its only about 2 hours drive away!!!

Katy Cameron said...

Oh how cool on Sheffield, wonder if you'll be near me :o) The table next to mine on the right was taken by a woman who was selling off the last of the bears her mum made, after her mum got too old to exhibit, so it was kind of a one off for them

customteddys said...

Stop and smell the roses... or the air if that's all that is available! I don't know what a steel shot is.... but hope it works... Hugs, Vicki