Thursday, 6 January 2011

Our roof.....................!!!!

Our, its needs replacing but now things have taken a different turn
Just before Christmas we noticed that the snow was still on the back of the roof and as the heat escaping had not melted it we wrong assumed that it was not too bad then !!!!!!! Little did we know.
Upon getting the Christmas decorations out of the loft, hubby shouted for me to come and see, I have to admit at this point I was not best pleased pre-christmas is a stressful packed time and me, heights and ladders DO NOT MIX. LOL
So up I go, head poking through the loft hatch, said in a terse voice "what!!!" 
What, indeed, I was greeted with a gap that ran the full length of the rear of the roof :O
Several months ago our neighbours were re-roofed and as they had smaller tiles on the rear we were no longer "married" to each other, I was assured at the time that it had been secured down and a gully had been placed between the roofs to catch any rain water.......................NO, their roof may have been secured but ours had been left with a 2-3 inch gap all the way down.
I took some piccies and am now awaiting their reply...................will keep you posted.
It made me think, though, if it hadn't been for the need for Christmas decorations, we might not have known for months, allowing the rain and wind to get into our roof space.
I have to say that I am not impressed with them
Here is a piccie, sorry for the focus but this is me with head just poking out of the hatch on wobbly feet and ladder, LOL

......................good isn't it
Beary Hugs
Sue xxx

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Adam said...

Whoa that is one big gap! Were you able to have it fixed? If not, then I hope you have it fixed before the storms come. Maybe you can put in plastic sheets or tarpaulins in the meantime.

Adam Waterford