Saturday, 3 January 2009

Update on the British Bear Artist Awards

Well I am happy to be finally updating my blog, due to a distinct lack of pc for the last 2 months

I came third in my category, it was such a strange day. We left home at about 6am and it was snowing, yes we work up to the white stuff

The journey can only be described as a nightmare.................................flooding on the M25, accidents and speed restrictions made sure that we missed the deadline by about 10 minutes but as we were not the only ones the organisers very kindly turned a blind eye to the 10am deadline

The entries, wow, what can I say, I had a huge sense of unworthiness, the entries were stunning. The ceremony took place just after 2.30 and was a very organised affair and very tense, with most artists huddled together with everything crossed that they could, while family looked on in suspense

I had to wait for my category to be announced, being in no 9, during that time, I experienced joy at friends who gained awards and also sadness at those who didn't. Eventually it was over so fast, before you could blink really. I have my award and to be honest, am thrilled. It is now proudly displayed on my self with Fire. I have plans to enter next year and will be in the main categories......................scary

All in all a good day was had by all

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