Saturday, 17 January 2009

To sale or not to sale that is the question???

To sale or not to sale that is the question? I have pondered this question all week. The beary world doesn't really do sales, well not from what I have seen anyway. I think this maybe because Artists wouldn't want the world to think that those bears on sale were, in anyway inferior. On the contrary those that do "sale" sell the most wonderful bears and I would love to own a few of them. For me, I decided to go with the flow and have a sale, just a little one. So this morning I have reduced my bears by 25%. At the end of the day I realised that the most important thing for me was that my bears went to good homes, sounds really twee put like that, doesn't it but I remembered when I sold my frist bear, Clara-who lives in Australia. The amount she sold for was greatly overshadowed by the fact that someone, anyone wanted to buy MY bear. It is the most wonderful feeling, to bring joy, often across the world, to someone whom you have never met, well words escape me. You feel this instant family connection that goes beyond anything that I have ever experienced, deep, eh!
Well thats the beary world to me and what does this have to do with a sale..............................I am sure the Chairman of M&S doesn't feel this way but maybe he should, maybe we should all help each other at this time, have a sale, allow a layaway, bring a smile to a fellow human being. A sale means the possibilty of collectors saying yes, I love your bears and me being able to say Thank YOU


Ruth said...

I still get that feeling too Sue - so grateful that just somebody likes my bears :0)

If you pop over to my blog you'll get the details of the blog award I'm passing on to you - I know you haven't been blogging long , but quite honestly I wouldn't pass up any opportunity to give you an award ; you are such a "mate" to us all , with all your sound advice and many offers of help - you truly deserve it !
Enjoy !
Big Hugs , Ruth

Nancy said...

I have been contemplating a sale also. I have been thinking of giving a makeover to some that haven't sold and them listing them at a "special" price.
I have tagged you to write 6 random things about yourself. Details are on my blog.