Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Life's ups and downs

I am delighted to say I have just received my second blog award from Paula of All Bear. I have to say it is an honour, for me. Paula is a star in the teddy world not just for her beautiful bears but also for her work and ingenuity.
To choose another 8 nominee's would be difficult, I am enjoying so many blogs, that it would prove impossible to pick amongst them, so as Ruth of Flutter-by Bears says I am going to pass this back to the bloggers of the teddy world, I couldn't think of a better recipient. Well said Ruth.

The title of this post should have been "Pick up a penny and all day have good luck" well not quite, it was last week you see, there this penny was in the rain all abandoned, so I scouped him up and popped him in my warm handbag. Has he bought me luck????? Yes in a way but every silver lining has a storm..........................

I had an email that very afternoon from a lovely lady in Wales, she just wanted to let me know that she loved my website and in particular one of my bears, he is now living with her and having a great time. Wasn't that so very nice of her, just to email like that, what a lovely thing to do, she is now my friend. The next thing was a letter, well card actually from Maureen whose Christmas present was a 20 inch gorgeous fella called Ulster, telling me how he was settling in nicely and boy did she love him, watch out Ron (her hubby) competition hehe!
Another email then came from a retired/semi retired bear maker who lives near me, she made contact through an email group I belong to and she has given me the most wonderful advice on mini's, she is so kind and thoughtful, another friend. I then had a call from one of my mailing list members to say she would like a bear but she had had a few expenses and she pay bit by bit. Then I recieve not 1 but 2 blog awards.
The cloud, I hear you cry................................well it has to be money, or lack of it, my penny certainly didn't give me a lottery win, do I mind, well just a tinsy bit. I would like to have been at Kelham on the 8th but no can do, you can only stretch a penny so far and I think mine is at its limits. I did make several friends and felt good about my bears, what more really could a girl ask for.
Beary Hugs and an extra one for those that are feeling the pinch right now
Sue xx

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