Saturday, 31 January 2009

Stressed and busy

Firstly let me apologise for the language on the image but when I saw this cat it just about summed my week up and I couldn't resist sharing it with you all.
Well its tax return week, this week. Busy is an understatement, we have been working late and I have not been getting home til after 7 and then cooking!!!!! It has not been helped by the road being blocked off, due to a water leak, so around the fens we have driven to emerge just a few miles further down, do workmen take delight in planning a 15 mile detour??? I am sure its so you don't see them drinking coffee and not working. Anyway back to work, well we had the usual clients who, having been asked for the missing information way back last April, then decide that they need to bring it in 2 days before the filing deadline, which is today. Of course we deliver, with a smile but you do have to wonder if thats why they do it, they know you will bend over backwards to meet the deadline, our poor tax return man has had to go in today to file the last returns.
As for bears :( I have only just managed to sew 1 fairy wing at lunchtime for valentines day and I was intending to list Peoni on ebay tomorrow. So guess what I am doing this afternoon, well the house will still be here next week, hehe!
My computer is safely back, thanks to the lovely Anthony, who informs me I had a rare thing happen, he had only seen it once before, WHY ME, he did a scan and found a corrupt file, why does a file go corrupt? Does it wake up one morning and say "I am gonna be bad today" ??????? Like a toddler throwing a tantrum, it just refused to budge and kept turning off, very annoying but crossed fingers the toddler has been taught a lesson and will behave from now on.
This will not get that bear finished and tomorrow I am determined to finish a commissioned bear for the lovely Tracey, Cookie's mom, he was promised awhile back but due to work this month I have not been able to finish him, he is looking really sweet though and will be called Crumble ;)
Til tomorrow, beary hugs
Sue xxxxx

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