Monday, 12 January 2009

Chanter Reedflyer on ebay

Yesterday I listed this little fella on ebay, he is a fairy bear with hand made wings and boy do those wings take forever to make. I hand embroider the material onto wire with tiny tiny stitches. They look fabulous but each wing takes about 5 hours to make and there are 4 of them. He is a bit of a lost soul really, I listed him on Bid4Bears just before Christmas and he didn't find a new mom. Its really hard to know what to do for the best on auction sites, ebay has such exposure but they are really making life difficult for the little seller and gearing everything for the bigger bulk listing shops.......................................the thing that made ebay great maybe lost in the new rules. I have always found ebay has very genuine people who are honest and decent, I know the media portrays ebay as the Soddam and Gomora of the internet world but it is only a small minority that spoil it and ebay should be harder on them not the good guys. Therefore I was left with a "what to do" problem, so on ebay he went. I have started him at 99p with a reserve, thats annoying as you are forced to have a minimum reserve of £50, instead of choosing your own????? Off my soap box now lol! Here is a link if you would like to take a peak:
Chanter Reedflyer on ebay


Sarah said...


Hope he gets on ok on ebay, bless him.

I saw your bear business name and had to have a look where you live! I live in the Fens too, Cambridgeshire.

Hugs, Sarah x

Sue, FenBeary Folk said...

Hi Sarah, thanks, its a small world. We are on Pointon Fen nr Bourne so a bit further north than you
FenHugs, Sue xx

Amanda said...

I here you about ebay. They 'take' so much much off you, one way or another. Keep thinking of the exposure, keep Blogging too, it all helps.