Monday, 13 July 2009

Kelham Bear & Doll Fair

The other Sunday I attended my second bear fair of the year, I do like a fair, it's such a lovely way to spend the day, chatting to new and old faces. Kelham Hall is a very Gothic Victorian Manor near Newark, Notts. An absolutely gorgeous setting both inside and out. Well worth a visit. It was a mixed day, with crowds seen queing outside before the doors opened but it did go quite flat in the afternoon, which left a bit of time to discuss "mice tails" with Bobby's Bears and Jenni's Bears. Something I will be trying courtesy of Bobby who very kindly gave me some fine sand stuff for filling!!! sorry I can't remember the name of it...............old age you know.
I did of course take a few new ones with me, I do like to have a good number of new ones for collectors to see, but sadly there is always one you don't quite finish!!!!
A new 4 inch Fairy Bear will be making his debut next week.......;)
This is Cerulean, he is a little 4 inch boy, who just reminded me so much of a beautiful Kingfisher, sadly he didn't quite find a new home, so will be on my website, tomorrow.

This sweetie is Magenta, a really really gorgeous pink little lady, who will also be venturing onto my website tomorrow

Speaking of websites, got a little fed up of mine, it didn't really work that well for me, so I had a bit of a think and a rummage and I found loads of stunning victorian clip art pictures. It is as always a work in progress!!!!! so be kind and sorry if the piccies take a long time to loan, I am working on it, hehe!!!!


Pauline said...

The bears look lovely Sue and so did your stand. Love the colour combination of Kingfisher. Good luck with those tails!!


Ruth said...

The website looks really excellent Sue *big thumbs up* I know I have to get hubby to totally overhaul mine and I'm dreading it !! So many decisions to make ! No wonder the project keeps ending up "on the back burner" LOL !

Huggies ,

Southern Bears said...

Sue, your stand and your bears are beautiful. Well done! And it's nice to see you on the blog again.

Pat xx

customteddys said...

Sue, I love the way you have the bows facing the backside of your little bears. Very attractive! And nice job with your teddy booth. Many hugs from Vicki