Friday, 24 July 2009

Edward and The diet, um healthy eating

I have been so very very busy i forgot to mention I was back on my diet.
In the last 4 weeks I have lost a stone
I have spent a lifetime being told that I needed to stop eating too much and to stop eating rubbish. I could never get it, how can you stop eating rubbish, when you don't eat it in the first place?
I have been told that I needed self control, a padlock on the fridge, to stop buying sweets/chocolate/biscuits/crisps etc.......................well meaning people then offer advice on what I should be eating!! Then when I say I am eating what they suggest and not eating rubbish, you get the's a look of pity crossed with disbelief followed by a "you are in denial" smile.
I hate clothes, I hate shopping for them even more but I am a wandering. After I had read the book 6 years ago, I followed the diet and lost 6 and half stone in a year. You see it wasn't my fault, wheat made me this way. Unfortunately migraines put all diets on hold and the weight went back on, so here I am again. I didn't put it all back on but I have about 4 stone to go. I will post every now and again and let you know how I am doing, but wish me luck, life can be tough, wheat is in everything

Anyway, onto nice beary things
This is Edward, who is now on my website, with a few of his beary friends.
Please pay him a visit, I am sure he would like it, he is on the Old style Bears page

I have also had a blog and website overhaul!!! Teaching myself a bit of html, hehe!! Nothing too complex, backgrounds, borders, colours etc. I hope you like it

Beary Hugs

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customteddys said...

Hi Sue, I do like the new look of your blog. Very inviting. All the best to you in your endeavor to create a more healthy lifestyle for yourself. And I do love Edward. He is remarkable. Hugs and take care, Vicki