Thursday, 30 July 2009

Tutti Fruitti and Ice Cream

The devils in the it's in the ice cream!!!!
Well I had a bad week, last week, with the ole diet, I knew I was in trouble the moment my 2 caught sight of the BOGOF Magnums in Sainsburys. The trouble with diets is, if you stray from the straight and narrow, then you sin big time. Why is it, we always think of dieting in terms of weeks, is it just because you weigh your self every week?
Well anyway that was my starting point of my slide, next came a toasted sandwich......................................the damage, gained a pound, not too bad after all.
So, Monday I got straight back on the proverbial horse ;)

On the beary front, I have listed a bear on Ebay here's the link
Tutti Fruitti is a little unique, you may remember me trying my hand at dying. My first effort, was a little, um, lets just say, not that good, hehe!!! My next effort resulted in Tutti, I was really pleased with how she turned out, especially as I am a bit of a "go for it girl" and just mixed a few colours together. The result is a gorgeous shade of muted mauve/mulberry.
She will be on ebay til Sunday night and I hope you pay her a visit.

Beary Hugs for now

PS I have a blog award, yipee from Ann-Marie at Bear Me Too
Thank you, I will hopefully have my choice of sites that inspire me at the weekend but it really is hard to choose from all the great sites, til then, xxx.


Southern Bears said...

Hi Sue, she's lovely! I had a look at her ebay listing and well done with the win.

Pat xx

All Bear said...

She's really pretty Sue! A lovely colour!

Pauline said...

She's gorgeous Sue and really nostalgic looking.

It isn't fair that there is so much nice treats to eat and enjoy that make us gain wait is it! I have just got back from holiday today, food was brilliant and have put on about half a stone, starting today to see if I can shed it within a few weeks! Not fair!!