Monday, 9 May 2011

The Devil on my shoulder……………………..

……………………….Do you have a devil too?? I do, my devil’s called “insecurity” I am cursed, like most artists with a one and mine is not a wee little monster but a huge one. Let me explain, when I am getting ready for a show I am all guns blazing for about a month, no time to think or stop, so my devil is kept at bay. After a show however he starts to flex his muscles and whisper in my ear. The things he says can be very hurtful, for example he tells me that I am not really that good at this bear making lark, he pops out at the most opportune moments and asks “what are you doing”, “what’s the point”.
This weekend he has been very conspicuous and asked just such a question as I sat drawing out a new bear for a series of bears due for release this autumn.  I told him to get lost but he persisted.

Joking aside I have been making bears for 4 years now, how time flies and I am still as insecure about myself and my bears as I have ever been, why??? I can only imagine that each bears is made with some of my love and soul placed in them and as such they are from my heart.  Like most industries in a recession, we, in the bear world are experiencing a drought, after all bears are meant to be a luxury, money is tight. I know it is for me, with rising costs for food and huge increases in petrol, I have seen my paltry bit of spare money disappear completely, so my head tells me it’s ok collectors do love your bears, they just haven’t any money at the moment but my wee devil says "nah, they don't like 'em". 
What's a girl to do, my motto is if in doubt sew and explore other avenues to display my bears.
So I have joined etsy, I know its a bit hit and miss but you have to keep trying, don't you.
If you are a fellow artist, who feels this way, at least you know you are not alone. 
If you are a collector, we artist understand
Here is my new etsy shop 

This is Olive, who is available on my website 
Beary hugs for now
Sue xx


customteddys said...

Oh Sue, I SO understand. I have been making bears for over 20 years. And I still wrestle with that devil. I don't have a definitive answer other than "continue to do what you love." Something that does help me put the devil at bay is to take a look back... display a photo gallery of all the bears you sold in the past. That will shut that devil up and give you inspiration for more creativity. I'm with you, girl. You MUST do what you love, there is no other way. Hugs and inspiration to you, Vicki

FenBeary Folk said...

Ah thanks Vicki, a photo gallery is an excellent idea xxx

Katy Cameron said...

Oh yes, I have that devil. And you know what? After 2 fairs I've still not sold one single bear at one. Lots of people coo and things at them, but no. I think my devil may have a point lol. So I shall just continue plodding along and making with what's in my stash, and when I run out... well, we'll see.

FenBeary Folk said...

I have that too Katy, not blessed at fairs either LOL Your devil does not have a point, your bears are fab, hows the clothes going? Hugs Sue xx