Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A Grand Day Out

On Sunday we went to the Peterborough Truckfest, they have various events through the year around the country. I bought the tickets for my husband as a Christmas present, as each year, when the event comes round we always say we are going but funds usually mean we can't, so this year I was determined to go.
They have alsorts of things going on and celebrity guest.................Alex from Ice Road Truckers.
I have to say i is not my cup of tea but the Custom Trucks do make it worth a visit, these things are amazing
This is my favourite, as you can see its a pirate themed truck,
with "Stand and Deliver" written on the front
This is from the film "Ghost Rider"
..............and Shrek
.....Alex from Ice Road Truckers
The weather was a real treat, sunny but with a nice breeze, needless to say we all got a touch of the sun, including my hubbies head (I may be going grey but I STILL have plenty of hair unlike some, LOL)
They were truely amazing

My only gripe was the cost of food, I had taken some supplies so it wasn't too bad.......................even the ice cream was £2 each!!!!

This morning, true to form, for those that read my blog regularily, I have had a banking mishap!!!!
Non of my doing, I awoke to find a company I had paid on the 18th had taken the money again, or so I thought, ha....................I am but a fool.
Actually they have taken it upon themselves to alter their policy and not told anyone. They had taken money for a service in advance of that event...............a whole flippin month in advance, instead of paying when due. They have promised to refund but I am to be denied that service this time or they keep the money and I get the service.
I can only begin to describe how angry I am, I have supported this bear frim the past 3 years, I have encouraged others to support them too. I have never once not paid even when things have been really tight financially and this is how you get your rewards. If it wasn't for the fact I would be cutting my nose off I would have told them they could stick it.
On that sour bear note, I am off to sew, at least bears don't stab you in the back
Beary Hugs
Sue xxx

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