Sunday, 25 May 2008

Sad day

What a sad day for Bear Artist and Collectors today is.

Warner Distribution have announced the demise of Teddy Bear Scene, I understand this has nothing to do with purchase levels of the magazine, then why?

It could be the fact that in the last few weeks both the Editor and Deputy Editor have left, both for personal reasons and I do really wish them well, they have both worked tirelessly for this art. Warner must be finding it difficult to replace both of them, so maybe that is why they took the very quick decision to end the magazine.

I have decided to e-mail Warners just to let them know that their magazine is invaluable to us in the UK and Europe, if enough Artist and Collectors do like wise then maybe they may re-think their descision and just put the magazine on hold til they can find suitable replacements. We all may think that we are insignificant in this world but all it takes is just a few voices to rise up and join together.

There is alot of talk at the moment on the demise of the Teddy Bear world, I think that we are at the start of a new wave of collecting, with old and new collectors returning to the humble teddy, after all teddies have been around for over 100 years and has been through many changes. From the days when only wealthy children owned a hand made bear to mass production in China, from fairs to present day internet shops, there is room for all. All we need to do is to retain our love for the humble bear and I am sure it will all work out. I for one do not make my bears with an eye on how much I can sell he or she for, I make them because they give me such joy and truly the joy on the face of his or her new owner is a priceless moment, to know you have created something that brings such joy is a fantastic feeling.

As for Teddy Bear Scene, I hope Warners will continue to produce this excellent magazine, maybe we will have to wait awhile for it to start again but lets hope it is not lost forever.

I myself will hopefully be at the Nottingham Bear Fair in August, so make a note in your diary, it's on Bank Holiday Monday and is a great day out for all, treasure hunts for the kids and there are the normal exhibitions in the main centre for those that are not too beary minded (Dads and Hubbies!!).

Many FenHugs Sue X

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