Thursday, 15 May 2008

Lack of sense of humour?????

I made a joke last night and had to share it with you, this does not seem important but believe me it is. Over my adult life my sense of humour has been slowly lost, they should issue a warning when you get to about 18 to say along with sagging bits your sense of humour fails. Please do not get me wrong I am a happy person but just not that quick witted any more

Anyway back to my ditty, it all revolved around a salad, not just any old salad but my hubbies salad for today. The Apprentice had just started on tv and hubby decided that he was going to bed, hah I thought, quick make his salad and hopefully he would fall asleep straight away and I could watch Alan Sugar, he hates it, so off I heads to the kitchen. Catherine our daughter gets the stuff from the fridge for me, when all of a sudden his royal highness's dulcet tones are heard

"You better make that with some love and care tonight, not like last night"

Quick as a flash, I replied "Sorry we don't have any of that left in the fridge, we have run out"

This went totally over his head, he was too busy complaining that I just slung it together.

So my next comment was "Its obviously not on buy one get one free at the supermarket, else I would have got some for you" by this point Catherine and I are having a giggle attack in the kitchen.

I know it probably is not that funny but for me, its rare

So today I am off to Morrisons to see if they have any, which aisle I wonder, dairy, bakery or will it be in the frozen section so it doesn't go off

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