Tuesday, 29 December 2009

The Aftermath

Well that's it, another year over and roll on 2010.
Boy that's weird, I keep wanting to type 2001.
We had our second Christmas day yesterday, now don't thinking we are
all glutinous fiends on the fens................my poor Mum and Dad couldn't get on Christmas day
as the roads were lethel , with ice and my Dad was so disappointed
that I promised that as soon as they could get,
I would cook them another diner LOL Full or what!!!

I was very naughty on Boxing day and lets just say (hopefully)
we will have a new member of the family tomorrow or Thursday (knowing our post)

He needs a little tender loving care as he has horrible brown stitches
on his back, he needs a name.......................I mean every bear should have a name,
shouldn't they
I will reveal all when he arrives, with piccies of the op!!

I have listed 2 lovely bears on ebay this week, they are my old style bears
The first is Archie, he is made gorgeous tipped matted mohair, which I happen to love

and Christopher

Happy New Year xxx
Beary Hugs


Southern Bears said...

Hi Sue, may you and your loved ones have a very happy and healthy 2010!

Pat xx

customteddys said...

Hi Sue! Sending you lots of good thoughts and blessings for 2010. From Vicki and the bears

Pauline said...

Hi Sue,

A very happy New Year to you and yours. Love your 2 new little bears.

Take care

Pauline xxxx