Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Lost, facebook and life !!!

I am feeling quite upbeat at the mo, after what can only be described, in the dear words of our Queen, as an Annis Horriblus. Everything now seems to be heading in the right direction and the season of goodwill is just around the corner (14 weeks!!!!)

Last week our daughter returned to college to start A levels, nothing unusual about that, but believe me it has been a fight. It all started 2 years ago, when we went to her secondary school to pick up her GCSE results, to say she was gutted was an understatement (3 A-C's the rest D's). She did not achieve the grades she required to do A levels. Needless to say she was devistated

I do believe that our schools are failing our children. During her time at school she had no homework, no books and any work done was not returned marked. Suffice it to say they announced the schools closure last week.

My biggest concern is that the education system teaches our children that you have to go to university, that no other life exists. I have always tried to teach her that she is a valuable human being and she can achieve anything, if she works at it.

That was borne out by her attitude these last two years, where she upped her English and Maths grades to a respectable C (even though the college discovered her to be dyslexia) Whilst at the same time doing a Business and Retail course, followed by a further Business course.
She has gone from her 3 little GCSE's to the equivalent of 10, 1 AS at A grade and a full A level. Due to changes in her course she made the decision to swap to A level, it was not easy and she was full of self doubt, not me though, the result.......................

She is loving every minute of it

My daughter, through determination is now following her dream.
So if you have a dream, however small, take little steps today, tomorrow you could be on your way to better things.

On a personal front I have finally joined Facebook, I can be found under FenBeary Folk. It has been a revelation, I have loads of friends already, so if you want to be my friend...........

Bear wise I have just listed wee "Lost" he is one of my aged bears and he has such a sweet face, his adoption fee is £45 +p&p

Told you he was sweet LOL!!!


Brenda said...

I agree that schools seem to be floundering and teachers have no idea how much they impact the childrrens' lives! Good for your daughter. Learning difficulties seem to be overlooked in girls. I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit at age 50 and it explained soooo much about my behaviour and situations at school that I had problems coping with. My problem was I was VERY good at school, so no one looked for anything. It was a revelation to find out so much about myself at such an age!

On another note, this wee bear is absolutely stunning!!

Southern Bears said...

Hi Sue,
He certainly is very, very sweet - such an adorable little face!

Pat xx

customteddys said...

Hi Sue, Yes, persistence and determination. They do pay off. Great for your daughter and great for you, too. I love your little "Lost". Hugs from Vicki